13 Yellowstone Buffalo Killed by Semi, Wildlife Bridge Needed for Safe Passage

13 Yellowstone Buffalo Killed by Semi, Wildlife Bridge Needed for Safe Passage

January 3, 2023
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U.S. Department of the Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and 2 others
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Tell Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cam Sholly, and Gallatin Forest Supervisor Mary Erickson to earmark transportation funding for a ‘Buffalo Wildlife Bridge’ across U.S. Highway 191.

On December 29, 2022, 13 of America’s last wild buffalo from Yellowstone National Park were killed by a semi-truck on U.S. Highway 191. The 7-mile stretch of Highway 191 along the western border of Yellowstone just north of West Yellowstone, Montana, is responsible for 70% of all bison-vehicle collisions. 

So far this season, 17 Yellowstone buffalo have died on U.S. Highway 191. This kind of carnage is unacceptable, especially given that the Yellowstone bison’s Central Herd’s is an endangered struggling population. By signing below, you join Buffalo Field Campaign’s call for the world’s first “Buffalo Wildlife Bridge” to be built at the Madison River crossing, to safeguard America’s National Mammal.

We are also demanding that safe speed limits be established for this 7-mile stretch until a bridge is in place. According to experts at the Western Transportation Institute, at Montana State University, a night-time driver traveling over 45 miles per hour does not have time to safely react when a bison or other large mammal appears in their headlights

Yellowstone Bison Madison River U.S. Highway 191

Madison River crossing and U.S. Highway 191

U.S. Highway 191 cuts right through a critical migration corridor that’s important to wild buffalo, elk, grizzly bears, wolves, moose, coyotes, and many other wildlife species who inhabit the Yellowstone ecosystem. Every spring, hundreds of wild buffalo migrate along the Madison River toward their favored calving grounds on and around Horse Butte, but they must cross this dangerous highway to get there. Many other species deaths have also been documented along this stretch including grizzly bears, moose, and elk.

Buffalo Field Campaign does offer a community service by being present along the highway to help warn motorists that buffalo are on or near the road, and are on call 24 hours a day to help avoid collisions. Unfortunately, our efforts have not been enough. And technically, the legal stewardship of our National Mammal belongs to the National Park Service. 

Wildlife crossings have been proven highly successful and are increasing in the United States, Canada, and other countries around the globe. Montana boasts one of the best examples on the Flathead Indian Reservation along U.S. Highway 93. There is no doubt that Montana, known for it’s abundant wildlife and wild landscapes, can be *the* leader in this win-win solution.

Leadership from our federal wildlife stewards is needed now. As Congress has appropriated $350M for safe wildlife passage infrastructure, there is no excuse for not building the world’s first “Buffalo Wildlife Bridge” to safeguard wild bison from the world’s first National Park.

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Support now
Signatures: 76,911Next Goal: 150,000
Support now

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  • Secretary Deb HaalandU.S. Department of the Interior
  • Yellowstone National Park Superintendent Cam ShollyYellowstone National Park Superintendent
  • Gallatin Forest Supervisor Mary EricksonGallatin National Forest