13 cabs dispatch fee

13 cabs dispatch fee

19 March 2020
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Started by Owner Operators

As coronovirus health crisis Australian government has taken unprecedented step to shut border indefinitely. As follow Tasmanian government has brought up tough changes to travel in Tasmania. It has significantly effect on Taxi industry in Tasmania. As a owner operator we still pay for the expense regarding vehicle maintenance and other expenses no relief from local government. We still pay our radio fee and lease fee for taxi plate. It is very hard to pay the expenses and survive. According to our prime minister it is going tuff for atleast Till September 2020. It is very tuff for all of us so we need to help each other out and get to the other side of it. Please follow the requested points

1. Kindly reduce the 13cabs dispatch fee temporarily.

2. Kindly reduce the taxi lease fee and taxi plate lease temporarily.

we understand stand it is hard time for your management and all of us. We need to help each other out in time of crisis. Hopefully everything will be back in normal.

owner operators and drivers



This petition made change with 8 supporters!

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