Cbse if aint controlling things thats not are mistake !

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Hello , guys i m too an 12 student i belong to humanities stream , i havent still got over with my exams ! And i got the news of cbse rescheduling exams . A lot of people say right to this . Let me give you some points which states its wrong .

1. When cbse cant handle papers its their problem , why do we have to pay again for the same .

2. Why other papers such as bio, physics , accounts arent rescheduled . Why is it only the two subjects under such change . Injustice with us having these subjects.Because almost all the subject papers have been leaked.

3. Cbse lack of security is wasting our time . If there time is important ours is too . You should have stricken the security cbse .

4. The dates will be set according to cbse or i can say in favour of other two streams. Humanities student still have to struggle . Will they be given equal time? Because humanities stream paper are still going on 

5. Cbse u should be using cyber people for getting insights of such issues. 

I have given my paper with full efforts neither had d news of eco ppr leaked before exam . I got to know that after i went out from the centre school gate . I dont deserve this . My time and efforts arent being valued . I knowyou people be like what if i did so much efforts then why dont give it a shot again , but guys its time for cbse for getting on the track and work hard . They re playing the games they re making mistakes .

Our two conditions before re examination :

1.We will give exams now when cbse officials who were involved in this will be thrown out. First let cbse work , who knows this will happen again ? Cbse before putting notices on us , first get your insights clean so that we can trust u yet again that such situations wont come up again . Its easy to put a notice on us , but guys out there reading , its time for cbse , because we have given our best! 

2.Let cbse plan all the exams yet again .each and very subject should be included for re - examination.