One Nation with GOD

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This message isn't politics nor religion; Its Order. All must come together!

One Nation with GOD!

We have looked high and low, spent trillions of tax dollars and left trillions of people poor, lost many lives and gained so many more,
We have educated HUMAN BEINGS about everything but the being of NAMUH.
There's a saying, that if you want to hide something, put it in a book. Want to find a treasure, you have to dig deep. Each of us is a book of life itself and all the answers and best things of value are inside of us. We are put on this earth to figure out OURSELVES.
&& When our conciousness rise in a ONE for all, all for ONE state of mind. Human beings will have reached its greatest transformation from being human to GOD.
Life is to LOVE as human is to GOD and GOD is LOVE. So, until ALL Humans consciously arises and unity, we wont come to ONE NATION under GOD... The time is now for true change and to bring order back into the nation. They say, ask not what can your country do for you, but what can you do for your country. I take a stand in creating order in my country. 

"ONE Nation with GOD" 

Let's focus on GOD's truth being prevailed and bringing forth the true religion which is ONE Nation with GOD, no division or discrimination.


I feel this petition is important, because our nation is broken. We need order and change immediately! I care, because I see the bigger picture. If it takes a village to raise a child. Its gone take us all raise up the nation.... (One Nation Under GOD)

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