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RESCUED! We did it! Reunited with her brother....both safe!

Terri McCabe
Littleton, CO, United States

Sep 13, 2018 — 

Email sent to Kelly Papp at Devore today! 

Devore Staff,

The rescue community has raised $1000, we would like you to contact the owner and ask them to relinquish this dog to a rescue and they will be given that amount of money.

I do want to reiterate we know that you, meaning the Devore staff/Ms Papp, have the ability to authorize this Doxie to go to a rescue, you can just have them sign a waiver if that is what you prefer to do like so many other shelters do. This is just one more step showing in good faith how many people are wanting to see this dog come out of the shelter alive as there is already a rescue willing to take this dog.


The Devore Shelter is killing this Doxie per owner's request! This means that the dog is not even LISTED. As you can see the dog is healthy and sweet!!

Please call Devore and tell them not to do it! 
‭(909) 386-9820‬ - Press 0 for operator. 

Tell them you are calling about the DOXIE with animal identification number #A669324 and that you want him released to Rescue. The Shelter will tell you to call back after 9 and ask for supervisor. Ask for the name of the supervisor on duty!!!

Please email and ask them not to kill the dog!!!

Please email and ask them not to kill the dog!!!

Speak Up! We are closer to finding this terrified soul a home. We have done it so many times together, and can certainly do it again.

RESPONSE FROM KELLY PAPP AT DEVORE: DESCRIBES "HUMANLY DISPOSING OF THE PROPERTY"  - this is vile and disgusting and sums up the people running this shelter! 

----- Forwarded Message -----
From: "Papp, Kelly" <>
To: TS xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2018 1:21 PM
Subject: RE: A Dog Named Doxie

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your interest in the animals in San Bernardino County animal shelters.

The dog with animal identification number A669324 was surrendered by its owner on September 12, 2018, the owner requested that the County euthanize the dog and signed a contract to have this service performed. The statement indicated by the owner on the contract was “My animal has a behavioral or temperamental defect that could pose a health or safety risk or otherwise make the animal unsuitable for placement as a pet.” Pursuant to California Food and Agriculture Code Section 31108.5 entitled Proof of Ownership When Relinquishing a Dog Required. Section (a) (1) states: Upon relinquishment of a dog to a public or private shelter, the owner of the dog shall present sufficient identification to establish his or her ownership of the dog and shall sign a statement that he or she is the lawful owner of the dog,” the person who relinquished this dog was established to be the owner of this dog.

Pursuant to California Food and Agriculture Code Section 31754 entitled Holding Periods for Relinquished Animals, subsection (a) states: Except as provided in Section 17006, any animal relinquished by the purported owner that is of a species impounded by public or private shelters shall be held for the same holding periods, with the same requirements of care, applicable to stray dogs and cats in Sections 31108 and 31752 and shall be available for owner redemption or adoption for the entire holding period. This dog will be held the required holding period for owner redemption as required by this code section.

The owner of this dog, signed and entered into a contractual agreement with the County to have this dog euthanized based on the owners desire to dispose of the property in this manner. The owner paid the required fees to have the requested euthanasia services performed. As the known owner of this dog or property, the owner has the legal authority to humanely dispose of this animal by requesting euthanasia. Additionally, the owner of this dog was provided information about contacting a 501(c) (3) rescue group to possibly release this dog into a rescue group’s care prior to surrendering the dogs but the owner declined to contact a rescue group.

The applicable State of California laws regarding the status of this dog are below.

California Food and Agriculture Code Section 31108 (b) states: Except as provided in Section 17006, any stray dog that is impounded pursuant to this division shall, prior to the euthanasia of that animal, be released to a nonprofit, as defined in Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, animal rescue or adoption organization if requested by the organization prior to the scheduled euthanasia of that animal. The public or private shelter may enter into cooperative agreements with any animal rescue or adoption organization. In addition to any required spay or neuter deposit, the public or private shelter, at its discretion, may assess a fee, not to exceed the standard adoption fee, for animals adopted or released.

California Food and Agriculture Code Section 17005 (a) defines adoptable animal as only those animals eight weeks of age or older that, at or subsequent to the time the animal is impounded or otherwise taken into possession, have manifested no sign of a behavioral or temperamental defect that could pose a health or safety risk or otherwise make the animal unsuitable for placement as a pet, and have manifested no sign of disease, injury, or congenital or hereditary condition that adversely affects the health of the animal or that is likely to adversely affect the animal’s health in the future.


Kelly Papp

Note the wording to humanely "dispose" of the "property". Sickening. Absolutely sickening. Surrendered with the Pom who was RESCUED, the Doxie is scheduled to DIE. NO RESCUE allowed to take even though a rescue has asked to save! 


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