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10K Karate Clash: Include a women's event

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The 10K Karate Clash on Sunday the 16th of April 2017 was a fantastic event, giving karate an excellent stage to showcase to Britain and beyond the excitement, tension, athleticism, and drama the sport offers. The event met the well documented build up with athletes putting out amazing performances heightened by the ultimate potential to win £10,000. However, the event was missing one massive piece of the excitement of sport karate - women competitors. 

Karate has a good track record of appreciating their female and male athletes equally, with equal prizes in premiere league K1 events and the scheduling of mens and women's finals at the world championships to allow the crowd to see the talents of both women and men competitors. Its one of the many things that makes karate an honourable sport to be part of. It is a great missed opportunity not having a women's event at the 10K Karate Clash. After watching the build-up to the event, and the event itself, someone who hadn't seen karate before could be forgiven for thinking only men do karate - and that couldn't be further from the truth and a real shame. Karate has a wealth of extremely talented female athletes that deserve to be recognised, and the crowds deserve to see. It's in the interests of British karate to promote and have a women's event, and it is also in the business interests of the 10k clash to do the same. In Britain we have a wealth of successful and dynamic female fighters with medals at the world, european and K1 events such as Natalie Williams, Carla Burkett, Amy Connell, Rebecca Craig, Amelia Harvey, Kate Karwinski, Katie Hurry etc alongside upcoming stars that would create a fantastic show and generate a great crowd.

A primary principle of the Olympics since the London games is seeking gender equality in sporting opportunities. As a recently Olympic sport, lets not go backwards on the equal respect and prestige afforded to our women and men athletes. 10K Karate Clash, do the right thing, and the thing the audience wants to see - include an equally treated women's event.

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