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102 Petty France London SW1H 9AJ United Kingdom: I want my children back from ireland

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I've always had problems with my ex regarding access to my kids & in 2001 I had to take her to court to get a contact order. Even though I was granted 2 hrs twice a week she has always made it difficult for me to see my kids.   

over 2 years ago my ex who has my children was contacted by social services due to concerns raised by the children's teachers. I was kept in the dark at first but later found out what the concerns were & off my own back I contacted the social services & arranged to visit them as I was quite worried. In the meantime my ex decided to do a runner with a guy she knew & she moved in September 2010 to Bognor in the hope she could get away from the social services. She was eventually tracked down & the investigations continued resulting in the children being placed on the at risk list under the category neglect. In November 2010 After a few months of investigation it was discovered my ex & this guy had done a runner to Southern Ireland to once again try & escape the social services. It took a while but eventually the children were tracked down & the Irish social services got involved & they also put the children on the at risk list for neglect.

In March of 2011 I received the worst phone call that any parent could ever imagine. The children had been kidnapped by the guy they had moved with & even my ex had no idea where they were. A massive search got under way by British police, the Garde & even Interpol & I started to fear the worst. They were eventually found in Northern Ireland safe & well & the guy was arrested. The children were then taken off my ex & placed in care & still reside in care to this day in Ireland. I am trying my hardest to get my kids back with me where they will be safe. My ex has been told she may never get them back & I don't want my children remaining in care until the age of 18.   Since the social services got involved I have been working closely with them for the sake of my children. I have travelled to Bognor for meetings & now i have to travel out to Ireland for all meeting and also to see my chilren, this is so very hard to keep up with due to the costs. Since September 2010 to this day I have only been able to see my children about 8 times. the first few visits were supervised but now it is unsupervised for 2 hours each month, thats just one full day a year... how do u make good memorys in 1 day a year? I feel as though my world has been torn apart & the best part of my life has been taken away from me. I have had many ups & downs but have tried to keep positive for the sake of my children.   I have spoken to many organisations looking for help but without any luck. As an unmarried father with no parental rights I have no right wotsoever over my children. This has been made a lot harder due to the fact I live in the U.K & the kids are in Southern Ireland which has different laws. This hasn't stopped Me & my current partner fighting but its so hard. It was agreed with social services for me to have skype sessions every tuesday for 20 mins, however the children do not come on there every week due to the carers forgetting. This hurts so much, i dont see why my kids can not be here with me... i have asked social services what i have done.... they say nothing at all, and how much the children love seeing me and how excited they get when they know im coming out. The mother is only allowed to see the children 1 hour a month in a contact centre. So they do know im no threat, and they do know who caused all this.  The guy who abused my children as fled to the usa, he needs to be charged and brought back here. My children have suffered enough. They need to be with me, the one who loves them sooo much. I have tried british embassys, parliment, fathers for justice, reunite, etc etc, you name it ..we have tried. I can not bare the thought of only getting 2 hours a month with my children for the next 11 years. Please help me by signing this, maybe it will help my children. At least i can tell them i am trying but also that other people are too.

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