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Hamish King started this petition to 10000000

This is a petition to see how many people want to see the game get a massive change for the better

here are some issues we want fixed: 

The games skill has gone right out the window,
The overwatch league is falling apart ,
Vancouver titans are imploding
Echo being in Comp straight away has ruin a lot of games,
Echo’s mid fight is putting the game back to the mercy moth era
Having a CC patch and it adressing doom fist or ball is a massive issue,
They changed skilful stuns like : rein shatter , Ana sleep and sigma rock.
Doomfist is crazy over powered
Playing some roles at a diamond + level feels terrible
Nothing happening with people getting comms banned and then being able to play ranked is a gigantic problem
The fact that players are leaving due to bans not being effective or good for a team game with people in so many specific roles is a major issue
The ENORMOUS FACT that there are 2x the amount of DPS over rank and support combined is an issue,
The fact they added another DPS,
The constant changing meta is worse than a strict meta,
Ranked is such a RNG it’s ridiculous ,
The fact they have to only take 2 maps out of play all together because of how much the community hates them because they aren’t Fun to play on,
They said the don’t like “one shots” but they keep doomfist insta combo in the game,
The fact that everyone hates 2CP and is also getting another reword for 3rd time in it’s life
The fact that the new character echo has never in it’s 3 weeks of being our had to deal with a direct counter being widow and mcree beautiful as sideshow (overwatch league broadcaster) said “they are gonna get banned every other week because they are the most popular characters and all the bans are based on ranked rather than OWL
And the most glaring issue of all is that there are some characters that we just can’t play due to extreme hard counters being in the game

Those are the problems

But here is what we want

A fix to 2 CP

A ranked system that has more of balance value

To listen to OWL players and see what they want, they are obviously not happy

To have horizon and Paris fixed (they are currently on that)

If we are to have a ban system make it more overwatch league based than ranked based

To have skillful stuns in the game like a skill check almost

Have a deep look at what players are complaining about the most (one shots, the feeling of being helpless, the pain playing certain roles,

Change to player bans/suspensions as a whole

Add more tank and support to the game even if they feel like other already existing characters

Making ranked less punished

Making rank feel like a rewarding win and an understandable loss

To have skill back into the game, the days of tracer-genji

A small punishment for not having comms with a team in ranked

Having a meta that changed season to season or month to month not week by week

Make overwatch fun again

Make it feel like you’re having fun

Make a better medals system (more role focused)

Make it less easy to snowball


We know times are hard but when covid is over the game does need changes


0 have signed. Let’s get to 100!
At 100 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!