Justice for Jobless and Sources for Needy People's

Justice for Jobless and Sources for Needy People's

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1 जून 2020
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द्वारा शुरू किया गया Ajay J.

Dear Jobless, Loan payers and Others

My name Is Ajay J and I want the support for my little petition, I know this may not be reached to the exact place but if we collecting our support by signing this petition than maybe we can get something for ourselves.

Recently due to lockdown most of the people faced job-related indirect/direct genuine threats from Boss or owner or by their respective Company. They only say that you have to come office, store or your job place twice or thrice in a week or come if they want. These intelligent people only have this type of pathetic idea to deal with employees who have the only job of fulfilling their needs.

As we already know that Businessman also suffers due to this lockdown, but they do not feel like us. They recover well by the time but they don't feel the pressure of living life like us because we have to pay to EMI, Home related expenses like bills, recharges, wife related expenses, school fees, college fees, exams fees etc.from our limited salary. We pay till now from our last salaries and saving and right now some of them are committed suicide, some plan to do that and some wasting their quality time to twitting the officials but all of them are silent because this event is small and till now it's not grow like a big problem.

Now the government did not provide any relief to pay the loan, RBI just delays the EMIs and not providing benefits of Nil Interest with that, and if we do not pay then we have to pay interest on Compound interest. They don't clear this matter after several tweets and one matter related to this already in Supreme Court. With that, we are getting job-related negative news and government not providing any cover or facility or hard message to those peoples.

Person who may be related to a parmanent job or temporary job or else. Everybody now days feeling this pain before or right now. 

So dear all please sign this petition so that it will reach people like us and Mainstream Media, local, State, and Central Government. We want alternative ways to start jobs like they support Business financially who create this condition or they directly give their support to provide jobs or micro business right now and as soon as possible. The little stuff from your side will change the scenario and they understand as well as it will force the government to help these types of people.

So this article according to me touches your soul because it's a coming from a lower middle class family member who is already feeling this continuous pain.

Ajay J 

Mobile : 8965089811

Email : ajayjanimator@gmail.com

अभी समर्थन करें
हस्ताक्षर: 3,226अगला लक्ष्य: 5,000
अभी समर्थन करें