Allow Tesco, Dunnes, Dealz to sell children's clothes

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The government has stopped stores, such as Dunnes, Tesco and Dealz from selling clothes. While I understand its not fair on other clothing stores who cannot open due to level 5 restrictions, a blanket ban is not fair on Parents or children who need to buy clothes.

The schools are remaining open, every parent understands how quickly children grow out of clothes. We know they kick the toes out of their runners while playing football or skipping in the yard. We know a fall over rips the knee and the clothing needs to be replaced. The weather is getting colder, how often do kids lose gloves and hats replaced? How are we to get coats for our children in school? Click and collect takes 2 to 3 days and home delivery can be up to 5 days, do we keep our children off school while waiting?

Lone parents get paid by cash in the post office, as do jobseekers and a huge amount of OAPs too. How are they supposed to order by click and collect or home delivery?

Babies will be born over the next few weeks and parents will need vests, babygrows, bibs etc Again, we all know how much babies puke and poop on these clothes and they need replacing!

I'm asking you to sign and share this petition so it gains traction and gets the attention of our Government to reverse this blanket ban and allow stores that are already permitted to open in level 5 resume the sale of childrens clothing. 

And as for other shops who are complaining they can't open, cop on and stop behaving like spoilt children. Tesco, Dunnes, Deals etc are already open, they already have customers in stores. They always will have customers in stores.