Against HS exam in this hostile situation

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The decision of taking remaining exam of HS are quite wrong because when there are least cases government or authority cancelled it instead of taking exams ..
Now when we are in endgame or our condition is pathetic they are deciding to take exams 
So this is not a correct time to take exams

Many students will affected Corona positive when they come to give exams

So it's better to delay exam or think any other option ...
Otherwise many parents will lost their children ..
Guys, I have a question, It has been a tough time for the world due to the coronavirus, and in March we were at a point where all the exams could have been completed without any problem but now when the situation is getting worse the board is expecting us to risk our lives to finish it. But the cost of writing this one exam could be huge. It could spread from us to our families then to our local community... and so on. Do you all think it is wise to conduct exams in this situation


Speaking about WBBHS commerce stream the core subjects ( ECONOMICS and ACCOUNTANCY ) . I do respect each field of study equally but an exam should not determine it all.


How can we solve this issue


Even in march, when there were few cases; a student with coronavirus gave the HSC board exam in Mumbai..

The whole class was later quarantined and effected.