Zebra Crossings St. Patricks Church and Primary School Mortlake

Zebra Crossings St. Patricks Church and Primary School Mortlake

20 August 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mel Carli

Every day, lots of residents, grand-parents, parents, carers and children  cross Gale Street, Adams Street and Adams Lane in Mortlake to go to school, to work, to St Patrick's church, the fish shop, the chiropractor, the newsagent, childcare, the cafes, connect with public transport or visit one of the other community retailers in the area. The increased population growth of the Mortlake Peninsula has resulted in a significant increase in vehicle traffic.

We are lucky to live in a wonderful community where Council have invested a great deal into family and community areas such as Thomas Walker Reserve and Wangal Park.

The main, if not only, access road to these areas is Gale Street Concord. The volume of traffic and the speed of which they travel make crossing the road Hazardous. The long stretch of Gale St combined with the busy roundabout on Gale Str/Brays Road/Mortlake Str, bends at the Tennyson Rd and Bertram St Junctions result in a ‘race track’ for many driver’s.  The round about at the intersection of Gale St and Brays Rd creates a blind corner for anyone wishing to cross at this point. A lot of drivers on Gale Street are not even aware that there is a primary school right behind the church grounds and do not expect children at school zone times. 

Children are becoming frightened walking to school and many of the elderly simply cannot cross safely and as a result are unable to attend mass at the Parish Church (St Patrick’s).

Our friends at Mortlake Public school, have 6 (!) pedestrian crossing all around the school, St. Patricks Primary Mortlake has not a single pedestrian crossing. Yes, not a single one!  Safe pedestrian crossings will encourage students and parents to walk to school, parishioners to walk to church and the wider community to enjoy the neighbourhood and shopping precinct on foot.

At the moment the entire Mortlake Peninsula only has one pedestrian crossing servicing the pub. 

We are asking for the installation of Pedestrian Crossings in the following locations:

1.   Across Gale St at St Patrick’s Church

2.   Adams Lane between the school and the church grounds

3.   Pedestrian Crossing on Herbert Street

4.   On Tennyson Rd at the intersection of Bertram Street, or traffic lights even.

Please support this to make it safe for our pedestrians to reach school, church, daycare, the medical centre, cafes and shops on foot and encourage walking.



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Signatures: 753Next goal: 1,000
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