CCP virus (covid-19) Move Aussie University classes online.

CCP virus (covid-19) Move Aussie University classes online.

18 March 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Victoria Univeristy Liberal Club

We are in the middle of a fight to KEEP AUSTRALIA SAFE and healthy.

The CCP (covid-19) virus might not harm the young. But we are carriers of the virus. Passing on the virus to our old and those with pre-existing conditions will kill. Plain and simple. 

Greedy accreditation mills who rely on foreign money (Australian Tertiary Education institutions?) don’t need to be open, exposing us all. Our institutions need to operate for the national good. Move classes online to protect our families, and stop transmission.

The problem came after, according to The South China Morning Post, the first case of CCP virus was traced back until November of last year.

Suppression, lies, arrests of the doctors who discovered this problem are the biggest abuse of power and decency seen in our time. Discovered in November, admitted the issue to the world in February. Cases recovering? No, the temporary hospitals are releasing sick people according to NTD news.

It is a crime against humanity. We love Chinese people, we love the nation of China. But the lying criminal mafia of the CCP needs to be held to account for their treachery. German measles, Spanish flu are the names. Let’s not let the WHO, bankrolled by the CCP, control the language and the terms of reference. People need to realise where the trouble came from, as we are born equal under God and we deserve justice. The Chinese people deserve justice.

Follow all the sensible health advice.

Wash your hands.

Do not hoard.

Buy supplies for your elderly family and assist them to self-isolate. 

Wear a mask. 

Don't be selfish.  

We are all in this together. 







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Signatures: 10Next Goal: 25
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