#StandDown, Stop Boris, Save Britain.

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Unless we change the game, Boris Johnson will win a majority this Thursday. That’s a fact.

Here are some more facts:

  1. Only 40% of the country will vote for Johnson’s Brexit candidates this Thursday. 
  2. Over half the country will vote for pro-People’s Vote parties instead. 
  3. If we voted on Brexit today, most people would choose to remain
  4. Despite this, Johnson, using our broken electoral system, will claim a mandate for his destructive hard Brexit.

We’re in this mess because Johnson, Farage and the Brexit elite have broken every democratic rule this election. They lie. They run from scrutiny. And they will use Brexit to wreck our country. 

That’s why we need to tear up the rule book too.


Right now, there are 20 seats in the UK that will go to pro-Brexit Conservatives candidates. In 10 seats, Labour are narrowly in second place (or just ahead). In the other 10, it is the Lib Dems. 

These winnable seats are seriously in danger of a split, tribal Remain vote

In these seats, we want the 3rd placed party to stand down and endorse the candidate with the best chance of defeating Johson’s pro-Brexit choice. 

If the Lib Dem in Stockton South (who has no chance of winning) endorses their Labour opponent (who definitely can), their constituents will be able to elect a pro-People’s Vote MP.

In return, the Labour candidate in Esher and Walton (who doesn't stand a chance), endorses Monica Harding (the Lib Dem), so Dominic Raab is ousted from Parliament. 

In all 20 seats, it is the same story. There's no excuse for not working together. It's in the candidate's interests, the party's interests, and, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the country's interest.

That’s the deal. Either we risk 20 seats going to pro-Brexit Tories, or the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats do something unexpected and work together to stop a Johnson majority nightmare.

Signing this petition sends a clear signal that we can’t go on like this. We want our political parties to stand behind the candidates best placed to win their seats and stop Boris Johnson’s hard Brexit.

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