Abolish forced adoption, please help me reunite with my daughter with her being locally..

Abolish forced adoption, please help me reunite with my daughter with her being locally..

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Marie Thomas started this petition to House of Commons

Hi I'm 34 and I live in Pembrokeshire, 

I would like to start a petition off as I feel

there is no accountability when it comes to local authority actions.

They brought me to court because I went through domestic violence, the target for my daughter was always adoption, way before I gave birth my baby in my womb was on child protection, reasons behind this apparently from local authorities view an abused child can go ahead and abuse their own children and I didn't protect myself so what makes me think I'd be able to protect my children, this was said at a conference meeting, this is not the case and not true, I was a vulnerable women who needed help and there was no support, i was accused of being an alcohol and drug abuser, a test which came back negative was not enough, I paid for this myself, I was accused of mental health so I saw my own psychiatrist off my own back who gave me a positive report, I completed many courses but social worker set me up to fail as I signed up 3 weeks into course so that was an automatic fail, psychiatrist did me a statement and said they need to know the difference between mental health and moods, I have a statement to prove this, I wanted a parenting assesment but all parties refused, I wanted to have more contact but I wasn't allowed to bond with my children, I only had once a month contact, my children went to an interim placement were they were physically abused, I wasn't told by local authority, I was told by an outsider when I discussed this I was told they dealt with it, there was also police investigation but again nothing discussed with me, I feel as a mother with parental rights I should have been told this, the social worker who came to my home took my phone and used all my texts against me, I was open and honest with her about my volatile rship at the time, violation of human rights and a right to a private life article 8, I was told to get rid of my dog or they would consider taking my children I got rid of my dog, I was told to leave my job and look after my children full time I left my job, for her to take my children a few months later, I have gone to an mp I have made so many complaints regarding this but every complaint was used against me in court, I was known as a malicious manipulator, I didn't have health problems but thee adopters were allowed to adopt knowing there were serious health problems, I was told I was a good mother but love was not enough, my child was already rooted within their family but then it's family linked I feel like this was always the plan, I was told I lost my child because I didn't show enough but then I was allowed to keep my four month old son, with no local authority concerns, they have got away with perjury, I have spoken to manager who states this is here and now doesn't matter about the past, they will not look into this, so as a mother I feel I have no choice, I am suppose to sit back and watch my daughter grow up on fbook and local, I was also told I couldn't care for my child because I was pregnant and my daughter needed better than good enough care but then ten months later she is allowed to have her own child, I don't understand how a professional can come to your home and make so many false allegations against you, accused of neglect but never proven, I made a fbook post enquiring if prospective adopters at time would contact me, local authority took me to a court and put a non molestation order on me for 18 years, all I want is a right to a family life and for thee authorities to be put before a court as this is nothing more than profit and perjury, lying under oath should be a sin. They have got away with alot more false allegations and portrayed me to be a malicious manipulator, when all I did is try and protect my children from their abusive placement. 

Unfortunately I can't put photographs because I have a gagging order, all I would like to see out of this is accountabilities, they have gone against many care orders because they think they are above the law, why??  Because the courts grant them that power. 

I do believe after everything iv been through over the last 8 years, the local authority should be funding a judicial review for targeting me in the first place and I do think the courts should grant that, I accept what they have done is wrong but they have no remorse or show any emotion towards my own family knowing a social worker made many false allegations, they would rather protect their own ranks, they have profited through government funds and left me incomplete and living in the unknown, this shouldn't be about their reputation this should be about a child's welfare, I am no longer angry at authorities, I pitty them after all their guidelines says keeping families together, my child was always adoption best option. No one in authorities or court was on my side I felt alone, there really does need to be more support with a parent going through so much trauma

As for My ex there was alot of assumptions with authorities, never any intervention a parenting assesment would of been great, would of shown you all I could Co-parent, I don't hate my ex but I would of rather he thought for his daughter also..

This is effecting me in so many ways I'm  not just fighting for myself, there are many areas this is happening to. 

I would like to see me have contact with my daughter with her siblings who live with me, i hope the local authority do not repeat their mistakes and learn some lessons from this experience and show some kind of empathy knowing this could of been prevented. 

I found out a few months ago that the adopters who have my child has indeed moved into my home town, how is this going to effect my child and both my children who are thriving in my care should thee adopters be allowed to buy a house so close, this is insensitive to all my family members...

All I'm wanting is an apology from local authority portraying me to be someone I am not, they know what they have created and iv not had a written apology. 

I have every right to be in my daughters life, as this is perjury and I can prove it with paperwork..

Everyday is a struggle, I want ppl to know I never gave up on my child and I will keep fighting till I'm reunited, I want a rship with my daughters adopters to show them I will do what it takes to be reunited with my daughter, its her birthday next week and it hurts to know she's out of reach.. 

Please please help me gain this relationship for my daughter to have a healthy future. There are far to many untruths and I only want the best for my childs future. 

I have applied for a contact order but I feel I need to put a message out, as I feel I shouldn't be suffering with this burden. 

During this pandemic I can not help but wonder how my child is with her having such a health condition. 


My desire would be for this to reach the house of commons and a new law which helps vulnerable parents keep their children, I would like to see a protocol were all cameras are on the spot light, also if a person has a child off them shouldn't be through family courts, it should be a criminal courts were we are hit with hard evidence and not just hear and say...

I never wanted my daughter adopted it was more out of my control, I held my daughter in my arms at 2lb11oz, 9 weeks early, I was there every single day she was in scbu, I'm sorry I can't forget someone who ment so much, we been through alot since birth, we had a beautiful bond and now that's stolen and torn apart. 

Now I'm here 8 years later, wanting justice and an opportunity to file all my hard evidence to the house of commons..

I would like to make it clear I'm not angry with the courts as such, I'm saddened as an authority they have the power to remove and abuse all powers and give misleading information to a judge to get what they want. 

Can someone please explain how anyone can put an 18 year Injunction to prevent me from having contact, then buy a house in my area..This deems me as a risk although its future risk of emotional harm, which doesn't exist, this to me is a waste of courts paper, if you can move to my area were my children who live with me are also in this area, then this is a waste of resources, so I think the best option for me is to discharge this injunction as I'm not a risk otherwise they would of never moved here, all I want in return is to have a right to a family life, my child has three other siblings, I can't stress enough that wounds are not always on show but buried deep as its soul destroying. 

I have missed every occasion and will never get those years back.. 

Authorities failed my family..

There should be no such thing as a secret court but an open court.. 

Were there is truth and transparency..   

#Living in the unknown.. 

#Love conquers all, truth will prevail itself..  

#Living in hope not fear.. 

#choosing love over hate.. 

#I am an open book waiting for the next         chapter.. 

#All I'm wanting is my happy ending...

#No harm in challenging the untruths.. 






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