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Arrest Priscilla Njeri Mwangi for defrauding Kenyans using a fake MCSK ID and rogue police

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The Kenyan music industry already has several challenges and rogue personalities such as Priscilla Njeri Mwangi are not making things easier for Kenyan artistes and the public at large. The aforementioned lady is one of the many con people operating under the guise of MCSK. I, Stellamaris Miriti fell victim on 17.07.17 when she came into my private workspace accompanied by three policemen purporting to be Jaguar's producer. My personal gadgets were confiscated and my employee and I spent six hours in jail for failing to part with a bribe. This is despite the fact that I have paid for my MCSK premise licence and I am not using any local music for commercial use. I am currently out on bail but my computers remain in police custody. A friend of mine made a Facebook post which has since attracted so much attention from similarly aggrieved persons dating back as early as 2007.

Objectives :
1. The Kenyan public must be made aware about which CMOs are authorized to collect royalties and conduct spot checks in a transparent manner without intimidation.
2. The Kenyan public have lived in fear of possessing Kenyan music even for recreational use as a result of such occurrences. To restore faith in our industry and in local talent Priscilla Njeri Mwangi and her accomplices must be made an example of.
3. The relevant CMOs must come up with authentic identification methods for their staff to avoid the recurrence of such rogues.
4. The Kenya police must be deterred from misusing power at any greedy opportunity they come across. If the CMOs must work with law enforcement it is imperative that civic education is done for both the public and members of the force.

Why i care : I am a Kenyan who believes that our music industry can grow just like in many other countries around us. This is personal for me not only because I was arrested and harassed without being on the wrong. It is because people like Priscilla Njeri Mwangi are robbing hardworking artistes and Kenyans alike of their hard-earned money. In the process they are killing the industry and alienating the artiste further.

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