Make Mobile Crèches Mandatory on Construction Sites

Make Mobile Crèches Mandatory on Construction Sites

2 April 2019
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1. Ministry of Women & Child Development and 2 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Indian Women Blog

In our petition for Mobile Crèches, we wish to highlight the migrant women population on construction sites and the need for crèche facilities at the worksites.

Per government reports, Construction Workers Welfare Board has over Rs. 2,600 crore in its kitty which could cover the welfare needs of all construction workers but in reality, it is far from this. Another reality is that most women workers in the construction sector are in childbearing age but don’t ever benefit from the maternity benefits that the government has earmarked for them. This is the main reason why there has been no betterment of life for these women and we witness children mortality rates go up due to unsafe deliveries, life-threatening diseases, crime and violence in growing children.  With hardly or no childcare facilities at most construction sites, the children are left open to all kinds of exposure to harmful chemicals and unsafe environment of machines and concrete etc. Not all construction companies or contractors are willing to build temporary childcare facilities for their women workforce.

Our proposed solutions are:

1.      Involve builders to take initiative for Mobile Crèche facilities on their building sites

2.      Address the gap of gender inequality and discrimination in the unorganized sector

3.      Sensitize the contractors, who would stand up to make available the minimum amenities like clean drinking water, separate restrooms and bathing and washing places

4.      Reach out to local regional NGOs to be involved at a supervisory level for Mobile Crèche facilities

5.      Make this petition into a movement for a safe work environment for women workers on construction sites

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Signatures: 107Next Goal: 200
Support now

Decision Makers

  • 1. Ministry of Women & Child Development
  • 2. Ministry of Human Resource Development
  • 3. Prime Minister’s Office