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1 Million Signatures for 100 Years: Sign Your Name to The Balfour Declaration

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                                 In 1917, Lord Balfour declared:

"His Majesty's Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people"

In 2017, we declare our commitment to Jewish rights and to standing up against delegitimization of our Jewish nation and state today, tomorrow and forever.

WHY? Today we are witnessing attempts to damage and eradicate the legacy of The Balfour Declaration, to alter historical truth.  NOW is the time to take action and affirm our collective support of Israel and Jewish rights.





Add your signature to the Balfour Declaration 2017 TODAY. 

WHAT? Reinforce the Balfour’s Legacy and Demonstrate the Global Commitment to Jewish Rights and the democratic State of Israel!

A stepping stone in the formation of a physical state for the Jewish people, The Balfour Declaration was the first international recognition of Jewish nationalism by a world power. This monumental event also served as a reflection of the historical link of the Jewish nation to its ancient homeland, understood and acknowledged for 2000 years since our exile from the Land of Israel.

Remind the world that the Jewish State of Israel was established with the full backing and support of the international community, protected and affirmed through international law, and recognized throughout the world.

Declare your commitment to Jewish national rights and sovereignty in the ancestral and indigenous homeland of the Jewish People. Call upon Israel’s neighbours and international bodies to join us in defeating efforts to undermine, isolate, and delegitimize the country, her citizens and nationhood.

Our signatures are testament to our commitment to the democratic State of Israel, the historic homeland of the Jewish people today, tomorrow and forever.


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