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Would you know if you've had a concussion?

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Remember "Concussion" the movie"?

That was about events 10 years ago and not much has changed and it should because child concussions are 87% of ALL concussions;

  • That can be a bicycle, car or pedestrian accident.
  • A fall from a chair, table, tree, ladder, roof or playground equipment.
  • Abuse by playmates, siblings or even parents.
  • These concussions are often missed or misdiagnosed!
  • Some symptoms can last for years!

Adult Sport is only 3% of ALL concussions but they control the research!

I want BIG SPORT to use their technology;

  • The coaches would know IMMEDIATELY if there is an injury and the player would get immediate treatment!
  • Monitoring would stop a possible second impact which can cause severe disability or be fatal!
  • It will also speed up players recovery as concussions take longer to heal if the player is hit while they have an existing concussion.
  • Everyone would see the effects of collisions in real time and see players taken off the ground. This would re-educate us on what a concussion actually is!
  • EVERYBODY would then understand concussions better.
  • It would help us recognize concussions in everyday life.

4 serious head injuries to my children Samuel and Hannah have changed the way I view concussions.

The only injuries we went to emergency for were the 2 with visible symptoms!

I have since learnt that the 2 we ignored could have had the worst concussion symptoms.

As parents we are tuned to feel our child’s pain, but movies and professional sport has desensitized us and conditioned us to NOT question headaches and dizziness from head impacts.

This is WRONG!

I should have been keeping records of any injuries, so I could have shown the record to the emergency staff.

Then they couldn't have ignored me when I told them Samuel had previous concussions.

I should have had a baseline test, so when the Doctor said "watch for any abnormal behavior" I would have something to base that on!

Samuel has had speech difficulties, Hannah was diagnosed on the spectrum and both are showing improvement with careful management.

I now believe both sets of symptoms were related to head injuries they have had and were misdiagnosed. Unfortunately without a baseline test I will never know.

Minder Foundation is changing that, we are providing free baseline tests and online data storage. If you or your child has a head injury you can show the emergency staff the history and they can base their diagnosis on FACTS!

Concussions are difficult to recognize, studies estimate that 15% of the adult population have undiagnosed concussion symptoms, some from childhood incidents.

With over 40 symptoms, concussion can mirror ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and other well known conditions.

Concussions symptoms can be misdiagnosed and have a huge personal, social and economic cost.

Some sports teams now have baseline testing for athletes, or you can buy a test for $20+ but why only test sport when;

  • Head injuries are the biggest killer of people under 20
  • 87% of total concussions are children.
  • 90% of concussions are NOT sport related!

Join me in sending a message to BIG SPORT, help us raise awareness of what concussions are, sign our petition NOW!


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 NOTE: Statements on this page are based on research, ours and others. For further information or to view these sources right click on this link.


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