1 CHANCE : Save Hudson Main from destruction.

1 CHANCE : Save Hudson Main from destruction.

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Why this petition matters

Started by DB Lewis

This is an urgent call for action to stop the precedent-setting demolition of an impeccable single family home on Hudson's historic Main road to be replaced by a 10 row housing development on the same lot. 

Why is this urgent? - This item is on the April 4th, 2022 Town Council Meeting Agenda (356 Main Road). 

Why is this our one and only chance? - If this development is approved,  single family homes will disappear to be replaced with multi-unit developments. The neighborhood we all know and love will no longer exist. 

There is no going back once this house comes down.

Special guidelines (SPAIP) are intended to preserve the character of this area. Under these guidelines, advance approval is required to install a fence or a garden shed. How can this not apply to multi Unit developments?

How can we predict that other homes will be demolished? - Follow the money. There are huge profits to be made for developers to raze single homes and build rowhouses and apartment blocks. 

Why not just contact Town Council with these concerns? - We reached out to our Councillor several months ago on this issue and were surprised to see this development (356 Main) back on the April, 2022 Council Meeting Agenda.

The intention of this petition is not to bully or criticize Hudson Town Council but rather an urgent call for action on their part. 

While Council may not approve the current version of the development, it is back on the agenda and we have not had a reply from Council at this point. It would be foolish to sit back and wait for the results of the April meeting.

What can you do? - Please sign this petition and attend the April Town Council Meeting.

Please write to your Councillor to support the preservation of our community.






100 have signed. Let’s get to 200!