(3.1K+) We Demand All Broadcasters & Venues Cancel the Leaving Neverland 'Documentary'

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Michael Jackson was proven innocent in a lengthy 2005 trial, and due to a law change, was simultaneously acquitted of wrongdoing in both 1993 and 2003 in that same 2005 trial. Leaving Neverland is untrue and defamatory.

STOP LEAVING NEVERLAND IN DUBAI: https://sites.google.com/site/autocontacthboandchannel4/email-dubai-cinemas

My poll shows 23% do NOT verify their emails so make sure you do!

Make this an unbeatable petition & I will give you an unbeatable effort to #StopLeavingNeverlandNOW w/ your suggestions+news. +I want to use the attn. properly, so we can get signers to help us in all ways possible!

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About me: I ran the Auto Tweet+Email website so #MJFam could choose to voice their opinions to Sundance+Sponsors. Soon I will be making another such site so you can contact HBO & C4!

Please make this the main petition for this cause. Sharing other ones will hurt our success. I WILL listen to all great suggestions and add news+updates regularly and fix anything that goes wrong. All you have to do is contact me! @appleseed120 on Twitter. I will also be adding websites etc to this petition that we can use to tweet+email HBO and Channel 4 and other stations.

(30 min documentary on the allegations in Leaving Neverland + extensive list of evidence: sites.google.com/site/therealstorydoc)

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