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1,000 days of Act

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1,000 days of activism    :)

We began 2009 ready to hold President Obama to his campaign pledge to end the Iraq War in 16 months.

In February, that changed.  The president has now pledged his intent to remove all combat troops by August of 2010 and to remove all remaining troops by the end of 2011.

As of today, April 6, that means there are 1,000 days until the end of the Iraq War.

At AFSC, we're happy President Obama wants to end the war.  However, we believe his plan takes too long.

We support President Obama in his efforts to end the war. We look at those plans with clear eyes - not through rosy lenses - and we will not hesitate to comment should they fall short.  We support the bilateral agreement commitment to the withdrawal of all the troops, but we push for a shorter timetable.

We urge you to continue to write, e-mail, and call your representative and your senators.  Tell them:

Stop It. Troop withdrawal is good, but almost three years is too long. Every day the conflict continues, U.S. troops and Iraqis die, and our government spends another $720 million on the occupation of Iraq.Fix It. The United States has responsibilities in the aftermath of Iraq. We support an Iraqi-led reconstruction of the country. U.S. contributions toward Iraq's reconstruction are an obligation, not an act of charity.

·Don't Repeat It.  We must learn from the tragedy of Iraq.  Wars only result in massive human suffering.  No detours to Afghanistan for U.S. troops.

We've changed our Countdown to Withdrawal campaign to acknowledge the new deadlines.

On April 9, we'll mark the anniversary of the fall of Baghdad, which many Iraqis consider the beginning of the occupation.  

Remember: President Obama's plan leaves us with 1,000 more days before that occupation ends.

Help us make sure President Obama keeps his promise.

Our new Countdown calendar reflects 1,000 days.

Put it on your web site, your blog, or your Facebook page to let everyone know you're watching.

Visit our Countdown to Withdrawal site for the latest figures on casualties and troop levels and for information on the situation in Iraq.

We want to end the war.  We want to build the peace.

We believe you want that, too.  Join us today in counting down to the end of the war.

Laurie Creasy,
American Friends Service Committee

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