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My Blogspot and Links to This Petition

Lisa DeSherlia
St. Louis, MO

Oct 13, 2013 —
I know that I have not been here for quite awhile. But I have been busy at this BlogSpot, linking it to this petition and trying to optimize it. I invite all of you to visit this blog and to connect with me there. Yes, I know that all of us are dealing with the current government shutdown and yes, many of our lawmakers are calling on cutting programs. But the budget situation will get straightened out. It's not that we don't have enough money, but that so much of it is being wasted in Washington. Hopefully, they will get their priorities straight and do what is best for us all. Meanwhile, studies show that autistic people, both children and adults, battle depression and suicidal thoughts proportionately more (as a group) than the general population. Might this not be because so many are being underserved or unserved? Please share this petition freely and widely! Use every social network that you have access to. Thank you. Your help is needed!