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Banning a breed is like banning cars. People die in car accidents every day. Who is to blame, the car or the driver/manufacturer?  The current demonization of ‘pit bulls’ is completely unjust. BSL is a dreadful law, no matter what breeds are targeted. In the 70s it was Dobermans, in the 80s German Shepherds were at risk, in the 90s we had Rottweiler hysteria and now, today, we have the ‘Pit bull’ frenzy.

The ordinance in Berwick allows family pets to be seized and killed based solely on appearance, not for anything they have done.  Research has proven dangerous dog laws that are breed neutral and targets bad owners keep communities safe. BSL is dangerous in itself, when you ban breeds, the responsible families are made to suffer, they leave communities with these bad laws, while the bad owners and abusers just switch breeds and stay in the community.

Properly written dangerous dog laws protect humans and canines. These laws penalize people that mistreat animals and it protects the real victims, the abused dogs. Breed neutral legislation works because it addresses the causes of dangerous dog behavior.

The American Temperament Test Society has released their current findings that the American Pit Bull Terrier passed the exam with an 86.4%....higher than collies, golden retrievers and other “family” dogs. The average dog population score is 77%.

BSL is legislation enacted by local governments that limit or removes the right of people to own certain breeds of dogs based on the appearance of the dog. The CDC issued this statement, “BSL does not address the fact that a dog of any breed can become dangerous when bred or trained to be aggressive. From a scientific point of view, we are unaware of any formal evaluation of the effectiveness of BSL in preventing fatal or nonfatal dog bites. An alternative to BSL is to regulate dogs and owners on the basis of their behavior.”

BSL in Berwick was a poor choice for the people of the community, who deserve more than a placebo. They deserve breed neutral legislation be enacted.



Letter to
Berwick Louisiana Town Council
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Berwick Louisiana Town Council.

Repeal the Breed Specific Legislation

Berwick Louisiana has a hidden, but extremely harsh Breed Specific Law. The ordinance does not appear on the town website, on any correspondence from the town or on any street signs. Real estate agents are not required to reveal this law to potential home buyers and lawyers conducting the real estate closings have no duty to reveal the hidden law.


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