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Hundreds of schools across the nation have suffered horrific gun violence since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. 7,000 kids have been gunned down. More than 187,000 students have been traumatized. And now, Santa Fe. Enough is enough.

Take The Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge. Print the list of schools, slice into strips, and hand out names to participants with pieces of chalk. Write one name or hundreds. Post a photo or video of your public artwork and nominate five friends to do the same. #Enough

Here’s a sample social media post:

Hundreds of schools across the nation have suffered horrific gun violence since Sandy Hook. [Our school] took the Sidewalk Challenge! We’re nominating [tag five friends, schools, or organizations] to do the same. Write one name or hundreds. Find the complete list right here. #Enough

Here's the backstory:

Throughout April, students mounted artistic protests in Chicago’s Washington Square Park, aka Bughouse Square, ground zero for America’s free speech movement. We hosted a Soapbox Poetry Speak-out; hung 7,000 strips of orange fabric; posted 1,300 notes of hope, representing all the kids were killed last year; and repeatedly chalked the hundreds of school names down the length of the sidewalk -- an entire city block. Neighbors stopped, tweeted, and highfived. Some even cried. 

But when a pro-gun group petitioned to mount a counter installation, rather than embrace still more free speech, the park's advisory council voted to crush it. We got evicted. No joke.

Since then, our public art installation has traveled to schools, parks, organizations, and houses of worship throughout Chicago. The response to The Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge has been awe-inspiring. Here's what people are saying.

So now, on top of launching a nationwide sidewalk protest, we aim to return the park to the people. 

We do this because the world we live in is a house on fire and the people we love are burning in it. - Sandra Cisneros


  • Submit a photo, poster, or short video to us. Upload high-resolution jpegs or video here. 
  • Host our Traveling Installation. We'd love to bring our turn-key public art installation to your school, park, company, or house of worship and facilitate the Challenge with your community.
  • DIY. We have everything you need to make a major statementincluding signage, schools names, and peace bullet stencils.
  • Follow our journey. We vow to keep shouting from the sidewalks until TPTB listen.
  • Support our efforts. Man, all this yarn and chalk is adding up fast! Any amount, large or small, would be most appreciated. GCE Lab School is a 501(c)(3). 

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