都立高校教員の不当な再任用拒否の撤回を! Withdraw the decision of denying Reappointment for the teacher!

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In this petition, we want to change two things, which are
1. Withdraw the decision of denying Reappointment for the one high school teacher.
2. Prevent from making the disadvantage who against the argue of the principal in the teacher`s conference.

First, Let we explain about Japan's reappointment system for public school teacher.
According to the National government officials lifelong design comprehensive information provision system (http://www.jinji.go.jp/shougai-so-go-joho/work/ ) reappointment is defined as "If an employee who retires at the age of 60 wishes to be reappointed, from the day after the retirement date until the age when he or she can get public pension, government hire he or she to make a connection between employment and pension."

From now on, we explain the circumstances.
A teacher who worked at Tokyo metropolitan high school where we were students requested reappointment to Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, but it denied because of one document which submitted by the school principal.
The teacher who was denied to work as reappointment teacher, loose his job, and he sued Tokyo District Court for withdrawing the decision.

The details of the document which became reasons for denying as follows,
"From April 2014 to May 2014, when the guiding principles for student`s hair styles was decided, the teacher against school principal with strong tone to cancel this guiding principles in the teacher's conference. At the same time, he went at student counseling department and head of year. This made critical difficulty to manage school operations"
"He was negative for the activity as teacher. he denied all activity which are for students"

At the time when the teacher's conference held, there were many discussions and arguments even within the students about guiding principles for student's hair styles. We just can't understand why arguing opposite statement to school principal became a reason for making critical difficulty to manage school operations. And it is recognized by only the document submitted by school principal that the teacher against with "strong tone, went at student counseling department and head of year", so there are no objective evidence.

About "He was negative for the activity as teacher, he denied all activity which are for students". This is completely wrong from student's side. Including us, many students have a good reputations to the teacher because he did "personal lecture for students who will take university entrance exam almost every day during long break like winter break", "Correction the student's answer, teach" and "counseling with students about their future and worries like everything" during outside regular school hours. Can you say such teacher is "negative for the activity as teacher" and "deny all activity which are for students"?
We DON'T think so.

If you agree our petition, please help us. We greatly appreciated about it.

Thank you.

Graduates of Ueno High School


東京都立上野高等学校卒業生有志さんは「都立高校教員の不当な再任用拒否の撤回を! Withdraw the decision of declining Reappointment for the teacher!」キャンペーンにあなたの手伝いも必要としています!東京都立上野高等学校卒業生有志さんと633人の賛同者と一緒うに賛同しましょう。