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要求张念群副教育部长为爪夷书法课程负责并辞职 We demand Deputy Education Minister to Resign

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1. 我们要求张念群副教育部长为此事负责并辞职。
2. 教育部应马上全面取消原定于明年开始纳入小四华小、淡小国语教科书任何关于爪夷文学习的课程内容!
3. 爪夷文进入华小,将会让华小变质,如果要学爪夷文,可以让学生自由选择,但不能强制!
4. 华小学生负担已经很重,学多一门爪夷文,将会让学生更辛苦!
5. 教育部还有更多重要的东西做,不要不务正业!

Retract inclusion of Jawi calligraphy into the SJK syllabus

We demand Malaysia's Ministry of Education (MOE) to retract the inclusion of Jawi calligraphy in the Primary Vernacular School (SJK) BM syllabus, forcing children to learn Jawi. 

This petition is in response to MOE's latest statement that insist to implement Jawi calligraphy even though strong objection from various parties were voiced out. 

1. We request Deputy Education Minister, Teo Nie Ching, to resign as she failed to uphold the rights and interest of the SJK community!

2. STOP and RETRACT any plans to introduce Jawi calligraphy in Vernacular School immediately. There is no necessity to continue its implementation decided by the BN administration in 2016 as it is causing anxiety among the rakyat!

3. Make the learning of Jawi optional, we cannot agree to its introduction as a compulsory subjects!

4. Stop burdening our children with unnecessary input! 

5. There are tons of serious education reform required urgently, stop wasting time on unnecessary items like Jawi and Black shoes! 

The introduction of Jawi calligraphy in SJK is controversial, MOE should engage with all stakeholders to reach a consensus before making any decision again on this issue, to minimize conflict among different communities, and to improve our existing multi-stream education system. 

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