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      自SKE48於2008年成立以來,曾數度涉足海外、進行表演的嘗試創舉。至今,SKE48於海外,尤其台灣之人氣、知名度已遠比當年為高。且2011年開始,即有AKB48以及姐妹團SKE48、HKT48等,每隔數月派成員來台舉辦活動,至今仍可透過影像一睹每次活動參與熱絡的場面。此外,2014年曾有HKT48來台舉辦前夜祭,以及演唱會活動。除座無虛席外,並於台灣藝能界、媒體與粉絲間獲得重大的迴響。至2015年,則由本委員會自主發起,與台灣電影代理商合作,促成《アイドルの涙DOCUMENTARY of SKE48》的在台上映,以及三個城市的粉絲放映會,且盛況空前。至此可見台灣的48集團之話題性與市場,已然具備發展潛力。






發起暨責任單位      SKE黨台灣支部




一、   署名趣旨

SKE48は2008年に発足して以来、初期は数回に亘り香港、シンガポールなどで出張公演を行い、ここ数年は特に台湾、香港で当時より一層高い人気を確立してきました。また、2011年から姉妹グループAKB48、HKT48とともに数ヶ月間隔で台湾を訪れ、握手・サイン会などのイベントは開催するたびに大盛況を博し、今でも人気は衰えることはありません。2014年にはHKT48の台湾公演及び前夜祭が行われ、二日間は共に高い当選倍率で完売し、台湾の芸能界及びマスコミ、ファンの間では大好評を収めました。2015年は当委員会が台湾の映画配給会社・天馬行空と組み、SKE48初のドキュメンタリー《アイドルの涙DOCUMENTARY of SKE48》の台湾公開を実現させ、当委員会は主要都市台北・台中・高雄で上映会を行い、映画館を埋め尽くすSKE48ファンの方々は感動に包まれていました。これらの例は48グループの台湾における話題性と市場の発展性の証であると考えられています。


二、   要望要旨





主催・責任者 SKE党台湾支部・SKE48来台応援企画委員会


The SKE48 Taiwan Fanclub is a supporting unit that centers around Taiwanese SKE48 Fans. In order to express their thoughts to the management in Japan, to facilitate an SKE48 Taiwan Oversea Tour Concert, we decided to start this petition. Following are the purposes of this petition, appeal, and handling of personal information:

Purpose of this Petition

Since the establishment of SKE48 in 2008, they have visited overseas a few times, and performed on stage. Until now, the popularity of SKE48 overseas, especially in Taiwan, is much higher compared to the previous overseas performance. Furthermore, starting from 2011, AKB48, along with the sister groups such as SKE48, HKT48 etc. has send a few members to Taiwan for events. We can still see how passionate the fans were during each event through video footage. Besides, during 2014, HKT48 came to Taiwan for a concert performance. There were no empty seats at all, and they received a great response from Taiwan show-biz, media and the fans. In 2015, we took the initiative to collaborate with a Taiwanese movie vendor to facilitate the screening of “Aidoru no Namida DOCUMENTARY of SKE48” (SKE48 Documentary - The tears of the idols,), and organized the screening for the fans in 3 different cities, the event turned out to be exceptionally successful. And that shows that the Taiwanese fans of AKB48 Group have become a hot topic and a great potential market.
Regarding this matter, this petition will collect the signatures of the fans who are in agreement with this petition, and we will deliver this petition to the management in Japan in order to express the thoughts of the Taiwanese fans to invite SKE48 to come to Taiwan and have a tour concert performance.

Following from the previous statement, since Taiwan has fulfilled the requirement that are required to organize a concert, and also with the previous experience with sister group, HKT48's oversea concert, we hope the management will consider the possibility to invite SKE48 to Taiwan to have a tour concert performance.

Appendix / Handling of personal information

We are hereby certify that the signatures we collect from the fans will be only used for this petition.
Proposed By SKE48 Taiwan Fanclub

The undersigned petitioners hereby petition for the consideration of an SKE48 Taiwan tour concert performance: