Revoke Japanese visa for Fan Ye (樊烨)

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先日、中国人のFAN YE(樊烨、ファンイェー)は日本の八坂神社で香港人が書いた絵馬を無断に取り除き、人の知らないところに埋めた事件が発生しました。








Dear Mr. Consulate Isomata-san,

Recently a Chinese national named Fan Ye (樊烨) who is visiting Japan on a tourist visa has committed crimes inside the Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto, namely the malicious removal and disposal of a number of Ema written and hang by the people of Hong Kong. The act of destroying these Ema in a sacred shrine is not only a violation of Japanese laws (theft and destruction of properties) but also an offence to Japanese cultures and traditions.

After her conduct was exposed on social media, someone in Japan has helped restore the damaged Ema. However, Ms. Fan did not show even the slightest signs of remorse. Instead, she bragged about it on Weibo, and made further threats that she would go back to the shrine and do it again. Such hideous act and speech is a tremendous offense against Japanese culture and a violation of Japanese laws. It might as well inflame the dangerous ultra-nationalistic sentiment that advocates further violence. Not only she has been promoting illegal acts, her suppression of other people's freedom of speech is also in contradiction to Japan's values and also the basic rights and freedoms of Japan. We as a group of Chinese people are ashamed for her act, and would like to ask Mr. Consulate to revoke her visa(s) and have her listed as an unwelcome person of Japan.

We thank you for your attention.

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有鉴中国公民樊烨 (Fan Ye) 在京都八坂神社肆意破坏香港人许愿绘马,根据贵国法律,已经构成窃盗罪和器物破坏罪。樊氏的行为也是对日本传统和文化的极大不尊重。我们这一群中国人对其行为感到羞耻。

樊氏不但毫无悔过之心,更在社交平台微博大肆宣扬她的犯罪手法,声称会再次到访神社破坏香港人绘马, 影响恶劣。她压制他人言论自由的作法也与贵国的法治和人权精神格格不入。我们认为此人如果继续入境日本,是对日本自由人权和传统价值的玷污。恳请领事阁下根据日本法律取消该人日本签证,并且将该人列入不受欢迎人士名单。



(参考Reference: Ms. Fan Ye's Weibo 樊烨微博帐号