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Stop killing unwanted and stray animals at cruel gas chamber in Japan!!! 日本における残酷なガス処分による殺処分制度の即廃止を求めます!

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Stop killing unwanted and homeless animals at cruel gas chamber in Japan!
Each year thousands of animals are getting destroyed at cruel gas chamber's in Japan. Only last year approximately 250,000 dogs and cats were destroyed.
Each city has its own kill shelter which are named as so-called animal welfare center's. Some cities utilize lethal injection as method of killing but majority of the cities still utilize gas chamber which cause extreme fear and suffering to animals.
Many people buy their pets at pet stores as if they are buying accessories or something without any knowledge of responsibilities of getting living lives, which cause high rate of abandonment of the pets.
The abandonment of pets is considered as animal cruelty and a crime with charges of fines. However bringing pets to these local kill shelter( so called animal welfare center )is not . Incredibly people can leave their pets without any charge of penalty.
As a Japanese citizen I desperately need international voice to change this pathetic situation in Japan. Please help us to save innocent lives. We need not only Japanese voice but your voice from all over the world to make Japanese government wake up and start working for any change。                                                                                                日本政府・環境省へ




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