Let's save sea animals by stop littering in the sea!

Let's save sea animals by stop littering in the sea!



Today, many sea animals are harmed because of littering in the sea. 

According to the UNESCO, 'plastic litters cause the deaths of more than a million seabirds every year, as well as more than 100,000 marine mammals'.

It is important to us to think about this issue because first of all, we love hanging out by the beautiful beach.

Secondly, if people continue to litter, then those sea animals can go extinct.

Thirdly, the littering can affect our lives, too. For instance, if a fish eats a trash and we capture those fish to eat, then we could die from the litter! 

To stop littering, we can take 2 actions:

1) carry our own small-sized garbage bags, and

2) put more garbage cans in our communities.

We should also raise the awareness of the littering issue in Japan by using media. 

By making these changes, we hope to maintain the beautiful beach to our own, and even the next generation. 



1) 小さいゴミ袋を持ち歩く

2) 私達のコミュニティーにゴミ箱を増やす


Voices from dot.school kids:

- Let's stop littering in the sea to save sea animals! If every fish ate garbage, we cannot eat fish anymore in the future. So please follow the instruction^^

- Please agree with this campaign to save sea animals! Ask your friends and family to share. Thank you!

- Have you ever tried diving? Have you seen those beautiful sea animals? Well, soon the ocean will be nothing but water and sand, unless we save them.