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In June 2019 the Shibuya ward assembly has anacted an ordinance which will ban drinking on public streets for the time of halloween, new year's eve and "periods the ward chief recognizes as being appropriate to enact the ban". We think that this ban will restrict the freedom of those who visit Shibuya, and rob the streets of it's culture and liveliness. Therefore, we oppose the drinking ban.

It's certainly true that at the time of Halloween, the streets of Shibuya are full of waste. Acts of property damage, violence etc. do occur, which is a problem. But, if waste is a problem, more trash cans should be installed and the littering more restricted. Property damage and violent acts are already being dealt with under the existing law, aren't they? So the aim of the new ordinance is not to protect people from getting hurt, but to to restrict having fun while drinking on the street. The scope of this ordinance isn't just the prevention of violence at halloween-parties in Shibuya, but in the end restricts the freedom of all of us.
Some people keep telling us, that we should just drink in pubs instead.
That the streets are not a place for drinking. These people are likely to have enough money to drink in bars and go in a club every time they go out. But those who don't have that money will not be able to go to Shibuya, once they can't drink outside anymore. The effect of the drinking-ban will be the creation of a town in which having fun comes with disparity. People without money will be excluded from Shibuya, a ward which is known for having "diversity and inclusion" as it's slogan. Here, Shibuya and so actively contradicts it's own policy.

Also, while drinking on the streets, one can always meet new people. Those commuting from work or school, just join the fun and unexpected things could happen. Isn’t is stuff like this, this space full of creative possibilities, which was one of the main pillars of Shibuya’s culture?

Furthermore, The drinking ban could be easily simply seen as an ordinance which will only take effect on Halloween, but if we look closer at the text of the ordinance, it’s clear that it has it’s backdoors.

1.) The mayor of Shibuya can enact the drinking ban as he pleases. The ordinance states that it the ban can take effect “when the ward mayor sees a need for it”. But there is no clear definition of what this situation should be, that allows the Mayor to impose the ban.

2.) The ordinance states that the ward Mayor can prohibit so called acts of „playing abnormally loud sounds with audio systems” and “annoying conduct, as much as conduct that could be hazardous". This ban can be enacted without any limit by the ward mayor.

To make it more clear: What exactly should "abnormally loud sounds" even be? What exactly should "Annoying conduct" exactly be? A spokesperson for the Shibuya ward assembly answered to those questions like this: "Situations in which ordinary people have to cover the ears due to loud music" and "Situations in which people sit together in a circle, are dancing, and are unthinkable from a common sense standpoint". With this, the ordinance won't only be limited to drinking on the streets, but gives the ward's administrative organs a free hand in restricting our freedom.

With the problems mentioned above, we ask the ward of Shibuya, to revise the drinking ban ordinance, since a revision will be in favor of a form of town planning, which values the freedom of the citizens and gives them the right to have fun.