Every child in Japan should be able to receive education!

Every child in Japan should be able to receive education!

260 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 500 人に到達します!


Today, many foreign children cannot go to school and receive education in Japan.

The Ministry of Education conducted a national survey in 2019, and reported that approximately 20,000 children (15.8% of the entire population of foreign children whose age is in the compulsory schooling period) are not attending any schools. 

One of the reasons why these children cannot attend schools in Japan is the language barrier. It is often a challenge for both teachers and students to communicate in the same language. 

However, it is very important to receive education to get successful jobs.

To help every child receive high-quality education in Japan, we can incorporate three things:

1) Get a translator who can help foreign children understand the contents

2) Create a special class where children can learn at their own pace

3) Use the internet to have children take online language courses 

If these changes are made successfully, then us children can communicate happily without  having the language barrier!



1) 外国籍の子ども達が内容を理解できるよう、授業に通訳システムを導入する

2) 子ども達がそれぞれのペースで進められるよう、特別クラスを作る

3) インターネットを使って、オンラインで日本語コースを教える


Voices from dot.school kids:

- Did you know that not everyone can receive good education in Japan? Let's help all the children study at school!

- We can work together to help foreign children live happily in Japan.

- Please share this campaign with your friends and family! Many many thanks!

260 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 500 人に到達します!