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「伝統構法:日本建築の匠の技」のユネスコ無形文化遺産への登録を求めます! Our Earnest Call for the Registration of "Dento-koho", the Unique Traditional Woodworking Techniques of Japan, as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage





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Dento-koho, the traditional woodworking techniques of Japan, have been developed through a blend of the original techniques of Japan and techniques from China and the Korean peninsula. In Japan, it has been developed and nurtured by a group of highly skilled artisans over a period of more than one thousand years in the context of the unique sensibility and wisdom of Japan.

Dento-koho is comprised of not only carpentry skills, but also the system of production techniques for working with wood and other natural materials, the manufacturing techniques for producing tools, and the related social and spiritual ceremonies and customs. If just one of these components is lost, the technology and tradition of dento-koho cannot survive in Japan. 

Traditional culture such as the tea ceremony and flower arrangement, and traditional art forms such as Noh and Kabuki evolved within and around the traditional wooden structures of Japanese architecture. In addition, the representations of traditional landscape and streetscapes depicted in movies and paintings attract a lot of foreign tourists. In these important ways, dento-koho has supported the concept of the prototypical and idealized image of Japan.

However, this system of techniques is in danger of extinction now. The number of artisans with these skills and craftsmanship is catastrophically falling, and the survival of these thousand-year-old techniques and production systems is becoming increasingly difficult.

There is a growing recognition by the Japanese people that dento-koho is a unique cultural treasure that needs to be preserved, and this is lending considerable support to the movement to have dento-koho registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. 

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  • 文部科学大臣 The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports Science and Technology
  • 文化庁長官 The Commissioner of the Agency for Cultural Affairs

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