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Petition to stop resort construction in Nara Park

      In 2013, Governor Arai of Nara Prefecture announced plans for the construction of a monorail at Nara Park's scenic spot Mt. Wakakusa, and he is again announcing plans for construction of a resort in Nara Park. Nara Park is designated as a "Place of Scenic Beauty," and a "Preservation District for Historic Landscapes" based on Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties and Law for the Preservation of Ancient Capitals. In such a strictly regulated area, new construction should not even be possible, regardless of the type of building. In addition, Nara Park is designated as a "Scenic Site" by Nara City ordinance which means that commercial facilities are not permitted to do business in this area. Furthermore, when the Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara were designated as a “UNESCO World Heritage Site,” areas around Nara Park were designated as buffer zones to separate Historic Monuments from Nara’s residential areas and protect their integrity. This raises the question that new construction could jeopardize the World Heritage Site designation. Nara prefecture purchased this land from the national government, incorporated it into Nara Park, and now intends to construct a resort. Based on regulations set out in the Parks Act, construction is only possible if the building is for park use. The prefecture is trying to build a resort even if that means it must bend various rules and laws.

     Even though there is a need for hotels in Nara due to a projected increase in inbound tourism for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, there is no need for the construction of a resort in Nara Park. It is contradiction to say they want to utilize this natural environment for tourism, because their actions to realize that goal will end up destroying the very same natural environment. When responding to questions from the Prefectural Assembly, the governor stated “There are only a few voices of opposition from the community,” ignoring those opposing construction and proceeding with construction plans.
     Nara Park is a treasure of Japan and registered as a World Heritage Site making it a treasure of the world. In order to preserve this place for our children and grandchildren, and show that we are not merely a “few voices of opposition,” we humbly ask for your signature.

Call for the immediate suspension of resort construction on prefectural land in Takabatake-cho Nara City (designated as an official residential area).

Association for the Preservation of Nara Park, Takabatake-cho Residents Association of Volunteers
Isamu Tatsuno (Representative), Mikio Tanaka, Makoto Shiina, Baku Yumemakura, Tomosuke Noda, Ichie Watanabe, Reiko Amano, Shinji Kazama, Takahiro Oba, Hideaki Sato, Hikoichi Yayashiya, Katsuya Terada, Shin Hayama, Yoshimasa Fujimori, Michie Omiya, Ikuko Ojiri, Yasuhiro Higaki, and Takeshi Hatano

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