Free the prisoners of the Diamond Princess!

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Free the prisoners of the Diamond Princess cruise ship!

Right now, a tragedy is being played off the coast of Japan. A huge cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, is moored off the coast. There are about 3700 passengers and crew from different countries aboard the ship.
At the beginning, twenty people were diagnosed with coronavirus. So the ship was quarantined and people were forbidden to leave the ship.
Today, about 500 people have been infected with the coronavirus, but the Japanese authorities still refuse to evacuate people from the ship.

In a confined space, all passengers and crew are at great risk of Contracting coronavirus through the ship's ventilation system.

The Japanese authorities are inhumane to the passengers of the cruise ship. They don't give them a chance to set foot on earth healthy.

Passengers and crew of the Diamond Princess must be immediately evacuated from the ship and placed in specially equipped infectious diseases hospitals.

Freedom for the hostages of the Diamond Princess!



今、日本の海岸で悲劇が起こっています。 巨大なクルーズ船、ダイヤモンドプリンセスは、沖係留されています。 船に乗ってさまざまな国から約3700人の乗客と乗組員があります。
最初は二十人がコロナウイルスと診断されました。 だから、船は隔離され、人々は船を離れることを禁じられた。


日本の当局は、クルーズ船の乗客にとって非人道的です。 彼らはそれらに健康な地球のフィートを置くチャンスを与えない。