署名の発信者 Arai Takashi

We demand the immediate withdrawal of the suspension of issued visas (December 2, 2021-) that has created family separation.
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メレク・オルタバシ(Melek Su Ortabasi)博士 サイモン・フレーザー大学人文・社会科学部准教授
新井卓 アーティスト、映画監督、遠野文化研究センター研究員
尾家康介 弁護士
澤井勇海 日本学術振興会特別研究員-CPD
管啓次郎 明治大学教授、詩人
グレッグ・ドボルザーク(Greg Dvorak) 早稲田大学国際学術院専任教授
藤原辰史 京都大学人文科学研究所准教授
ソコロワ山下聖美 日本大学芸術学部教授
エリン・マクレディ(Elin McCready)青山学院大学文学部教授
溝口真帆 編集者
ミューズ佳奈 医師・医学博士
村上華子 アーティスト


※本キャンペーンはメレク・オルタバシさんの署名キャンペーンと連動しています。「Please help me reunite with my children!」https://chng.it/nRmDTyMF 


*This campaign is not meant to question the  validity of Japan's border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Its purpose is to restore human rights that have been infringed by these hastily-enacted measures. 

On December 2nd, the Japanese government abruptly suspended the validity of previously issued visas without any prior notice, as part of the border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of the new Omicron variant of COVID-19. 

These measures made the entry of new foreigners, such as foreign spouses of Japanese citizens or children of foreigners working in Japan, etc, who obtained a visa before December 2nd (except for those who received the specific status of residence of “Spouse or Child of a Japanese National”, “Spouse or Child of a Permanent Resident” or “Diplomat”) almost impossible.

These are people who secured a visa in order to enter Japan for essential purposes, such as family reunion, research, study, etc. They had been preparing for their entry many months in advance.

Many have been putting their affairs in order (such as leaving their jobs and selling their homes) to transition into Japan. These people are spouses and children of Japanese citizens, couples intending to marry or giving birth imminently, and those who have not seen their families for a long time due to the pandemic, etc.

The Kishida Administration appeals to the need for a swift response to the crisis, and to the sentiment that public opinion in Japan generally supports the strengthening of such border control measures.

However, we have doubts whether the Japanese government has taken enough time and consideration to anticipate the financial losses and mental distress on the excluded individuals (and their families) that have been a direct result of the visa suspension. 

We do not demand an unconditional lift of the travel ban.

Instead of these extreme measures, we desire humanitarian standards that do not violate human rights while ensuring truly effective safety measures.

The novel coronavirus is a serious threat.

However, we firmly protest against the extreme politics and administration of the Kishida Cabinet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which enforces measures that severely restrict human rights, without sufficient scope for remedy and prior notice.

[Our Appeal]

・ Immediate withdrawal of the "suspension of visa validity" (December 2nd, 2021-)

・ Revision of the "special exceptional circumstances" clause set by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to:

→ Include spouses, children, same-sex spouses, and long-term domestic partners, regardless of their nationality, gender, and sexual orientation as long as their family, spouse or partner resides in Japan

→ Accept international students and researchers

・ Clarification of when new visa applications will begin to be accepted

・ Correction of the conflicting standards between the official policy and the actual enforcement measures in practice. (The original policy can be interpreted that a spouse of a Japanese citizen may be permitted to enter Japan with "special exceptional circumstances,", but in practice, this exception is extremely difficult to obtain.)

*This campaign is linked to the allied project Melek Ortabasi’s "Please help me reunite with my children!" https://chng.it/nRmDTyMF
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