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Smoking in Japan

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  As a child growing up in Japan, I want to make sure Japan is a proper country. However this smoking issue in Japan is getting serious! I feel that we need to stop smoking in public before it gets worse.

         Japan is struggling to make new laws based on smoking even though the Olympics is coming up real soon. Without help from citizens Japan can not move forward, that is why I'm starting a petition to help Japan! Japan's goal for the Olympics,based on smoking, is making a law for no smoking in inside public areas. They don't even want smoking areas inside buildings anymore. Of course this doesn't mean smokers can smoke anywhere outside, they must use manners and shouldn't litter cigarettes.

                   However Japan is stuck because the message that second-hand smoking and Third-hand smoking is very serious and unhealthy isn't delivered well to the citizens. Second Hand smoking is almost as harmful as violence. There's a lot of harm caused but because this message isn't delivered well, people continue to complain that Japan is becoming too strict with laws. It is our responsibility to understand and take in the messages from the Japanese governments and MHLW (ministry of health, labour and welfare). Of course it would be better if Japan can develop there goal to be a bit more strict but in this situation Japan can't bring their goal and expectations in a higher position.

                It is our duty to take action and help the government. In a way, the citizens and the tobacco industry pressure is placing Japan in a difficult situation. I feel this issue is getting much more complicated than it needs to be.So Japanese citizens should not be complaining/ disagreeing to the government because it is causing pressure (I'm not saying that all citizens are pressuring the government) and people who aren't Japanese citizens can support us right here right now by supporting this petition! 

Thank you so much for your cooperation and let's change the future of Japan and even the world!

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