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As economic measure for consumption of the Japanese beef which demand hovers around, the Japanese Government pushes forward a design to distribute "a meat ticket" (provisionally) to.
In 2012, the United Nations warns a global environment and the food supply and demand that it is a big problem about the stock-raising industry, and, for reasons of the issue of global environment, the animal protection, the creed, the health, people writing down eating meat in the visit to Japan foreigner visitor beginning increase.
The stockbreeder will be in trouble, but, about it, should take measures by other methods. The support of the substitute meat development to advance all over the world will be possible.
The policy expense is expended all from a tax.
Not only the meat ticket distribution is unnecessary for the person who does not eat meat and is a tax loss messenger, but also it is the usage of the profanity to a person respecting environment and a life, the disadvantageous tax.
It is still new in memory last year that Japan received criticism in having emphasized that Minister of the Environment Koizumi eat a steak if there is not a posture to consider environment even in the Ministers of the Environment.
Japan lowers the international reputation while companies being aware of SDGs increase if global environment awareness is low, and the big dishonor of all we nations is disadvantageous, and the meat ticket issuance is connected.
In addition, there is the person who feels a non-pleasure in changing the animal protection awareness with an expanse, a ticket.
Stop the meat ticket!

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