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Legend is back again! At the turning point of the 45th anniversary, everyone in the world wants to see a completely new Macross, not a remake!



マクロス40周年記念には記念最新作がなかったため、45周年にはぜひ最新作を制作してほしいと思っています。海外でもいまだ人気の衰えない、アニメ『マクロス』も、今年で40周年。2年前に公開された『劇場版 マクロスΔ』の2作目となる、『劇場版 マクロスΔ 絶対LIVE!!!!!!』ではシリーズ最高興行収入を更新しました


Since there was no latest Macross film on the 40th anniversary, I would like a new film to be produced on the 45th anniversary. The "Macross" anime series which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, continues to be popular overseas and the second film in the series. "Macross Delta the Movie Absolute LIVE !!!!!!", the second film of "Macross Delta the Movie" released two years ago, broke the series' highest box-office revenue.


However, the TV anime project is currently suspended due to COVID-19. Recently, the name "Macross" is no longer seen in anime rankings as well as in anime-song rankings. However, “The "Macross" series is still very popular on Facebook and Twitter overseas, and many fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the "Macross" series.

TVシリーズ続編をすることで、人気の回復は十分に見込めます。例えば、2019年3月30日に、マクロスの37年の歩みを振り返る『歴史秘話 マクロスヒストリア』(NHK)が放送されました。マクロスはこれまでに多くのシリーズ作品を展開してきています。TVシリーズだけではなく、劇場版・OVA・漫画・小説・ラジオドラマなど多岐にわたっており、国や世代を超えて大ヒットをしています。

A sequel to the TV series would help restore its popularity. For example, on March 30, 2019, "Historical Secret Macross Historia" (NHK) was broadcast, looking back on the 37-year history of Macross. Macross is not only a TV series, but also a theater version, OVA, manga, novel, radio drama and many other series works and has been a huge hit across countries and generations.


At the same time, a TV program on BS "Announcement! All Macross Grand Poll" was broadcast. It recorded a total of 254,131 votes, with "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross" and "Macross 7" ranked high in the four categories of animation work, character, mecha, and song.



The above results, and the fact that a special program has been produced by NHK, a revival of the "Macross" TV series could lead to a recovery in popularity.

 In light of the above, I would like to carry out Signature-collecting Activities to request the production of a TV series sequel at the turning point of the 40th anniversary, and hope for a revival of its popularity. If you agree with us, please sign our petition. We would also appreciate your cooperation in spreading the word about this activity. (The following is for reference only.)








Macross official website (JP)


Welcome to the official MACROSS website! (EN)






                                         <The Appeal of Macross>

The appeal of Macross is that it is distinct from the war stories that are common in conventional robot animation. Also, the songs in the play are attractive. I strongly desire to see this in beautiful images.

The appeal of Macross is not only its story. The people involved in the production are truly gorgeous and spectacular. The following is a list of the main members of the production team.


河森正治氏:「交響詩篇エウレカセブン」・映画「交響詩篇エウレカセブン ハイエボリューション1」・「ANEMONE/交響詩篇」「EUREKA/交響詩篇エウレカセブン ハイエボリューション」ではメインメカニック担当。「マクロス」では監督を務める。


Shoji Kawamori: Main mechanic for "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN", "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN High Evolution 1", "ANEMONE / Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN", "Eureka seveN High Evolution", etc. He also worked as a director for "Macross.






Kazutaka Miyatake: Conceptual Designer for "Eureka”,“Macross" Main Mechanic Designer and Conceptual Designer






Ichiro Itano: Founder of the production technique known as “Itano Circus”. This term refers to the three-dimensional, ultra-fast combat action directed by Ichiro Itano or action scenes that follow these characteristics. The production of "Ideon" has become a hot topic in the anime industry, and they came to call it to describe the nimble movements of the mecha as a metaphor for circus aerial acrobatics.







Tomoki Kyoda: Production Company BONES

His work is characterized by its editing, which recombines existing images to create a new story, and by its depiction of battle scenes that are informative and complex. When he was a student, he watched "Aim for the Top" and "Nadia, The Secret of Blue Water" and he got to know Hideaki Anno, since then Anno is an animation director he respects.

He has worked on many robot animations and participated in "EVANGELION:1.0 YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE.In addition, the influence of the battle production of Itano Circus is strongly reflected in "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN",




佐藤直紀:作曲家。『交響詩篇エウレカセブン』などのアニメ楽曲に携わる。『劇場版 超時空要塞マクロス 愛・おぼえていますか』の羽田健太郎を思わせる臨場感のある音楽は、昨年開催された東京オリンピック2020でも遺憾無く発揮しました。 新作マクロスに相応しい音楽監督ではないかと思う。


Naoki Sato: Composer. Composed animation music for "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN" and others. His realistic music is reminiscent of Kentaro Haneda's music for "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Theater Version / Love, do you remember?”was also demonstrated Impressively at the "Tokyo Olympics 2020" held last year. I think he is an apt choice as music director for the new Macross.



庵野秀明氏:最初、ジブリで下積みを経験しており、その後、『超時空要塞マクロス』・『劇場版 超時空要塞マクロス 愛・覚えていますか』でメカや爆発シーンなどのエフェクトアニメーションを担当している。京田氏とは『マクロス』つながりとなる。


Hideaki Anno: After working for Ghibli, worked on "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross" and "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross / Love, do you remember?, he was in charge of effect animation for mecha and explosion scenes. He and Mr. Kyoda are connected by the work "Macross".





『交響詩篇エウレカセブン ポケットが虹でいっぱい』を制作した頃から、手がけるプロットが重層的なものに変化している。しかし一方ではオーソドックスな演出を理想としている。師匠はサイブルネイ代表の松本弦人。アニメ界の師匠としては、演出家の本郷みつるや高山文彦の名前を挙げている。


Yasushi Muraki : He is one of the users of the animation technique "Itano Circus. He incorporates it into his battle direction. He also incorporates changes in screen saturation and aspect ratio into his direction.

Since "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN: Pockets Full of Rainbows," the plots he has worked on have become more multilayered. At the same time, however, he also idealizes orthodox staging. His mentor is Gento Matsumoto, the representative of Sal Brunei Co., Ltd. In the world of animation, he looks up to directors Mitsuru Hongo and Fumihiko Takayama as his mentors.



美樹本晴彦:以前『超時空要塞マクロス』と『マクロス7』でキャラクターデザインを担当し、『超時空要塞マクロス THE FIRST』で漫画家になった。


Haruhiko Mikimoto: After working as a character designer for "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross" and "Macross 7", he became a manga artist with "The Super Dimension Fortress Macross THE FIRST".






Hidetaka Tenjin: Mechanical designer for the "Macross" series and "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN.






Dai Sato: Screenwriter and musician. In charge of series composition of "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN.







Yoko Kanno: Performer and music producer.

She has been working on soundtracks for anime since "Macross Plus" in 1994.





Mari Iijima: She is a voice actress (playing Lynn Minmei), composes Macross music, and is a singer-songwriter. Many fans want to see her more active.





以前の『マクロス7』の作品では『OVAマクロスダイナマイト』と変化がないため、キャラクターはそのままに、1987年に発売されたOVA作品『時空要塞マクロス FlashBack2012』のリン・ミンメイに活躍してほしいと思います。例えば、銀河クジラから4年後の世界を舞台にしてはどうでしょうか。また、このような設定も見てみたいと思います。


                                         <Proposal of Contents>

Since the previous work "Macross 7" has not changed since the "OVA Macross Dynamite." So please keep the characters the same and we want  Lynn Minmay to play an active role from the 1987 OVA work “The Super Dimension Fortress Macross Flashback 2012."  For example, how about a setting where the world is 4 years after the Galactic Whale? We would like to see such a setting.

<Basara and others are invited to a music festival on Earth, but this was a trap. The universe's worst antimatter life form (a demon), followed by a large fleet of protoculture with Lin Ming-mei aboard.


また、『劇場版 マクロスΔ 絶対LIVE!!!!!!』についても言及したいです。







Also, I would also like to note that "Macross Delta the Movie. absolutely LIVE !!!!!".

Megalord 01 has come out, but the Megalord ship is missing near the black hole and there was nothing inside.

And is the mysterious woman "Lady M" that Megaload captain, Misa Hayase?

What is the identity of this person!

Anime geek, what do you think?


(*The following is a reference to the above document)



「マクロスΔ」の総集編である「劇場版マクロスΔ 激情のワルキューレ」のその後を描いたストーリー。劇中で戦争状態だったウィンダミア王国にて、ワルキューレによる停戦記念ライブが開催されることに。

                                              Synopsis of the Movie

The story follows "Macross Delta the Movie: Passionate Valkyrie'' which is a compilation of "Macross Delta". In the Kingdom of Windermere, which is at war in the film, a live concert is held by Valkyrie to commemorate the ceasefire.



Freya Vion, a native of the Kingdom of Windermere, was returning to her home village. Suddenly, however, she is attacked by drones (ghosts) in the Kingdom of Windermere. An armed group calling itself Heimdall was acting with the ambition to exterminate Lady M with the entire Mega Lord 01 and liberate all mankind from the galaxy.



    The group barely escapes by Macross Gigacion. However, the Kingdom of Windermere had fallen under Heimdall's military rule. After escaping, Macross Elysium prepares for anti-ghosting operations at the Zentradi base and trains Max (Maximilian Genus), who once reigned as the captain of Macross 7 as a "genius pilot. Macross Elysium prepares for counter-insurgency operations.


However, Heimdall discovered their whereabouts, swooped in again. And standing in front of the Valkyries was Yami_Q_ray, a virtualized model based on the cells of the "Star Singer" as well as Sharon Apple's AI system, with the qualities of the five Valkyries at its core.


After many sacrifices, they thwarted Heimdall's ambitions and even recovered the stolen "Star Singer" cells, restoring true peace.




In the animated TV version, the mysterious "Lady M" gave numerous orders to Cayos.

Heimdall, the antagonist in this case, harbors hostility toward Lady M. Heimdall believes that many lives were lost due to technical restrictions imposed by Lady M. There is a scene in the film where Lady M tries to destroy all of Mega Lord 01.

Who is Lady M?

今回の劇場版にてレディ・M = レディ・メガロード-01ということが判明。おそらくレディ・Mは、特定の人物を表しているのではなく、ケイオスやデルタ小隊のような「組織」としての扱われていると予想される。また、レディ・Mとして最前線で指令を送っていた人物は誰なのかという疑問に関して、メガロード-01の艦長であった早瀬未沙や、「Flash Back 2012」でメガロード-01と共に消息を絶っていたリン・ミンメイではないかというファンの考察で盛り上がっている。

In this movie version, it was revealed that Lady M = Lady Mega Load 01. Perhaps Lady M does not represent a specific person, but rather an "organization" like the Keios or Delta Platoon. As for who sent the front line command as Lady M, fans seem to be excited about the possibility that it could be Misa Hayase, the captain of Megaload 01, or Lin Minmei who disappeared with Megaload 01 in "Flashback 2012".


追加資料: https://movies.yahoo.co.jp/movie/366667/review/177/

In addition, a woman wearing a beret and a small child were reflected in the window of

Mega Lord 01, which was visible when the space-time was distorted in the play. It is speculated that the two women reflected in the window may be Rin Tamuamine and Miku Ichijo (the children of Hikaru and Misa), and many fans are expecting the reappearance of the characters from the first "Super Dimension Fortress Macross".

Additional Materials: https://movies-yahoo-co-jp.translate.goog/movie/366667/review/177/?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=ja&_x_tr_pto=wapp



Furthermore, we would like to suggest that Macross incorporate elements of "Psalms of Planets Eureka seveN". There are many excellent points in the content and depiction of "Eureka". The following is an overview.


Eureka, a humanoid Cholarian girl (variant), is the subject of research at the Tresor Institute of Technology, Eureka receives military training in the operation of Nirvash. 10 years ago, the military created an artificial Seventh Well equipped with Nirvash and Amita Drive.


When that failed, “The Summer of Love” occurred. Renton Thurston, son of Adrock Thurston, a scientific engineer who lost his life trying to stop it. Eureka and Renton's portrayal of the incompatible conflict between asexuals and humans is memorable.

一方、敵軍の大尉ドミニク・ソレルとニルヴァーシュtype the END(ジ・エンド)を操縦する少女アネモネ。デューイ・ノヴァクの部下のドミニクは任務でアネモネに常人の致死量の鎮静剤の薬物を注射で強制覚醒させてきた。

Meanwhile, the girl Anemone is piloting a Nirvash-type END (The End) with Captain Dominique Sorel of the enemy forces. Dominique, a subordinate of Doe Novak, has a plan to force Anemone to awaken by injecting her with a lethal dose of a common sedative.



Gradually, however, Anemone's state of mind changes. Dominique, too, is heartbroken by Anemone's drug addiction and wants to help her, which eventually leads to romance. On Earth, there is a wonderful scene in which Dominique confesses to Anemone that he loves her when the destroyed escape plane falls.

*For more information on "Eureka," click here↓.




Eureka and Macross have many similarities, including battle scenes, maneuvering by members of the Gekko State, and LFO solo combat. I think Macross should also incorporate some of the great elements of Eureka, such as the portrayal of emotions.




                                                      <To Close>

 I intend to convey the support I get from this signature to the production company as a suggestion from a single fan. It is by no means a criticism or a bitter criticism. From the standpoint of one fan, I would like to express my gratitude to those involved in the production of the anime.



Through this signature drive, we hope that the creators will accept this as one project proposal from our fans.

Currently, the world is experiencing tragic news about the damage caused by the spread of Covid-19 and the war in Russia and Ukraine.


I believe that animation has the power to energize the world. In that sense, I strongly hope that the 45th anniversary will not be a remake, but a new work.


If you agree, please sign the prescribed form. If you have any questions, please contact us.