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Close Changzhou Zoo in China and Release Animals to the Sanctuary

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A video about zookeepers in Changzhou Zoo China threw a live donkey to feed 3 hunger tigers that are very viral in social media .
This is really very terrible.

In the video it looks how frightened the donkey and trying to defend themselves By hugging her legs and nails to a concrete cliff .. but if only the zookeeper's hand still pushed him into the closure.. We can imagine how painful and tortured the donkey when the tiger ripped the body alive life..

Tigers prey on the donkey is normal if it occurs in the wild but it becomes abnormal when there is human intervention in this food chain because the zoo is very different from wild life.
It is inappropriate for humans to sacrifice animals to fall prey to other animals.
This incident also shows the manager's inability to take care of the animal animals in the zoo .

Tigers and others animals does not deserve to be in a small and narrow cage in Zoo. They should live in the wildlife and following their instincts.

For that we ask that the zoo is closed and all animals released in to sanctuary so they can live normal like a wild animals ...

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Thank you very much !


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