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秋元 佑斗
Dec 13, 2020

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Manuel Ávalos
Aug 30, 2020

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染森 信也
1 year ago

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Takeshi Kodama
2 years ago

Ironic, isn't it? At first, I thought students were harassing professors. I'm not particularly fond of liberal thinking, of women, this could lead to a disastrous culture where former classmates of someone famous would be making accusation of sexual misconducts and someone has to investigate it. I'm against BS talk of rape "culture" or the explanation of "because this is Japanese culture/tradition", it's really vague and takes responsibilities out of hands of people who should be discussing further with elevated words and arguments.

--“I still think that understanding the perpetrator is also extremely important.”

This was funny, and I can't quite say who's more biased here...


Why was the statement understood as defending the action of sexual harassers and rapists? It was for "safe campus" and this petitioner just decided the comment was "inappropriate", this is a fuckin' double-standard of liberal types, be it feminists or male feminists, you bitches don't provide enough context and make accusatory remarks, it's problematic as fuck!

The person from the Center of Student Affairs Office said, "I still think,,,". Was he(?) speaking as a representative of the university or did the petitioner slap the label on him to push her(?) agenda?

It was a room full of rape victims, that sure sounds like an alarming group of people...

Warren Farrell protest at University of Toronto
( https://youtu.be/iARHCxAMAO0 )

Too long didn't read? It doesn't translate well. The expression speaks for laziness, as long as you're on the same team, you're allowed to skip details and fact-checking, I also wanna point out that, 上智大学に起きている人権を及ぼす問題, this seems problematic to my Japanese grammar Nazi inside.

Does the university have legal team? They really should be the ones people should be talking to. You call it "a culture of silencing harassment" and it is not really specific to this university, is it?

Is aborting a child women's fundamental rights? Is having a child a constitutional right? In an ideal world, you'd wanna press/court/government support for this kinda cultural corruption. It's well within our civil rights to ask for transparency and justice.

The contracts between an institution and students is different than that of employees. I'm getting the feeling that the petitioner is mixing up personal feelings a little too much in the writing.

I can read a word "privilege" on the pink post-it note, and others are saying how much students loved her classes. It's a faculty's decision to get to say who stays and who goes, it doesn't run on a system where love-deprived juvenile students vote in to choose professors, so this womanly expression of feelings seems a little misplaced, when are they gonna grow up and talk more intelligently other than saying "oh, I feel the same, I so relate to her experience!!!".

Those Multiple professors are sissies. You won't learn and keep learning until you learn to work the system.

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久木野 光男
2 years ago

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木村 雅比古
2 years ago

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Jools Collis
2 years ago
Used, abused and discarded. Far too frequent and easy in this industry.

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TAKAGI Shigeru
2 years ago

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斉藤 正美
2 years ago

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Dina Kagan
2 years ago
I know Professor Choo for over twenty years. This is an artist and teacher of the utmost integrity and professionalism. She deserves the tenure at Sophia University and should be treated with respect.