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キャンペーン成功! / We did it!

ダークソウル国内PC版復活プロジェクト Let's bring back DARK SOULS PC edition for Japan!

Nov 23, 2016 — (English update follows Japanese)








We did it! Yesterday From Software announced that they decided to newly release Japanese Steamworks version on Steam. They also ensured that those who already own GFWL version will be able to switch to the Steamworks version at no extra cost by activating the key on Steam. This basically means that we will get everything we asked for. Fantastic.

Back then I had no experience with this kind of project, and I myself was not so sure about the future, to be honest. I imagine few people were actually thinking the odd was on our side - until yesterday, but it actually worked, thanks to the support of many many people. I'd like to express my deep gratitude for those who kindly supported this project, and for From Software - they sincerely listened to our voice and decided to finally step in. I also want to say thanks to Mr. Fujimaro - a veteran souls video creator who helped this project from the start with his passion and generosity. Thank you, thank you so much!

They didn't tell us the release date yet, and we still don't know the specific of Japanese version or whether those essential MODs will work normally with it or not, but right now I'm just happy. No matter what happens, it's safe to say that Japanese PC Dark Souls is in a better state now.

We have seen many good games suffer from region lock in Japan. and most of them have never seen the light. This success is very meaningful in my opinion because now we have one incandescent proof that we can sometimes do something about it. I hope this makes Japanese gamers more willing to take action when they feel something is just so wrong.

This project has now reached its goal, I hereby declare our success and this project is now basically closed. Thank you so much. I hope we can someday meet again on Lordran. Praise the sun!

P.S. I was actually about to finally post that open letter in English yesterday. Now it has lost its purpose, but if someone wants to read that, it's here : It was indeed too late but better late than never right? right? ...I'm sorry. Thank you for your kind support.



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