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美妃 長岡
東京, Japan

Feb 18, 2021 — 















"I want to change."

It is human beings who seek growth. That's why you try various things, but when you realize it, you find yourself unchanged. And you
I will try new things again ... This repeat.

Nietzsche called this human being "eternal return." He is spinning on the same wheels as a hamster. It's the same no matter how many times he's reborn, he says.

That's right. The changes that humans make are not changes.

Yesterday, I was listening to a person who traveled around the world at the Reiwa Philosophy Cafe. Since ancient times, human beings have been fighting and killing each other on the earth where the conflict of ethnic religion still continues. It does not change at all in the present age when civilization has developed.

Mankind is eternally returning. … At first glance, the world feels convenient and wealthy, but nothing has changed.

why? I think you have such a question.

And you realize that the change from A to B is not a change. Therefore, no matter how much science and technology develops, no matter how much the law is put in place, people cannot really be happy.

You're just trying to find a maze that you can't get out of, saying, "I tried but it didn't work."

There is only one true change. .. ..

It is a change that changes from change to immutable, and that is the only true change.

Expectations for changes from A to B are illusions.

If you want to get rid of war from the earth, the only way is to know immutability. If you want to end the civil war in yourself, your perception must be immutable.

What we really need now is not new regulations or concepts. It is a recognition technology that turns them all into ZERO. That education.

【ポストコロナ on-line会議】
#30 教育の今 ~今までの教育システムとこれからの教育システム





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