I was gang raped, yet my rapist was unconvicted.

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My rapists were acquitted of gang rape.
I am currently seeking a retrial after my case was dismissed by the Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s office due to “insufficient evidence”.
I was gang raped by former members of the Yoshimoto company, a group affiliated to various comedians in Japan.

My rapists are claiming that I consented to having sexual intercourse, which is untrue. I did not provide consent, yet I was gang raped by four men. When my case against my rapists was overturned, they sued me for defamation. They are currently seeking 12,000,000JPY (approx. 120,000USD) in compensation.

The Nakano ward Police did not detain nor arrest my perpetrators for their crime. The Tokyo Public Prosecutor’s office dismissed by case due to lack of evidence. This outcome pains me beyond comprehension.

I need your help.

My perpetrators know where I live. They have addressed their case to my home address before.

I fear I may be killed anytime now.

I want to make it clear that am NOT seeking monetary assistance. What I want to get out of this is an apology, and recognition so that my experiences are not invalidated.

I lost my firstborn to a disease eight years ago. I have experienced firsthand what it means to lose a life— and I recognise the plight and struggles that go into its creation. I have already lost so much.

To think that anyone would believe that I would lightheartedly engage in sex is beyond me.
With multiple men.
With multiple men I did not know.
With multiple men I did not know and did not consent to.

I was vulnerable. I couldn’t retaliate. All I could remember was the murder of Junko Furuta— a notorious case of a Japanese high schooler who was abducted and gang raped for days on end until her death.

They tied me up and I was blindfolded. They stuck up their fingers in my vagina as they demanded me whose finger it was.

I fear I am not their only victim. I don’t want them to get away with their crime like this.

I am seeking a retrial for my perpetrators’ criminal act.

In the case that this is impossible, I would like to seek refuge in Canada.

I would like to ask for your assistance and understanding. Thank you.