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新譜「Cast In Steel」は、ヨーロッパ各地で大変人気があり、イギリスのチャートでは初登場7位、オランダ5位、ノルウェー3位、ロシアのiTunes ポップ部門では1位、総合2位と売り上げを伸ばしています。

また、この復活は同じく30周年のRock In Rioにあわせたものでもあり、Rioでは今年もひどい天候の中、会場は9万人のファンで埋め尽くされました。

私どもは彼らのファンサイトをやっておりますが、連日のように300~900の訪問があり、「a-ha 新譜 日本盤」「a-ha 来日」といった検索があとをたちません。



Kjære Harald Wiik, Scoundrel Days AS .

Du vet at a-ha hadde mange fans i Japan på 80- og 90- tallet.

Det er mange fans i Japan ennå. Vi kan høre deres musikk overalt her i Japan. Vennen min som kommer fra Norge ble overrasket fordi han ofte hører a-ha i Japan.
Jeg startet en fanside av a-ha med andre japanske fans i mars, og siden har mellom 300 og 900 besøkende hver dag.

De leter ofte etter “den japanske utgaven av a-has nye album”, eller "a-ha Japan Tour".

– Ja, japanske fans har ventet lenge på at a-ha skal komme til Japan igjen!

I 2009 hadde a-ha bare én konsert i Tokyo i Japan, men mange fans kom til Tokyo fra flere steder i Japan.
Hovedfansen av a-ha er nå midten av 40 årene, så de kan bruke tid og penger på a-ha.

Dette er forskjellig fra da a-ha kom til Japan i 2000.
Sjansen er stor for at a-ha kommer til å være populære i Japan hvis de kommer i år.

Så vi håper a-ha kan komme til Japan, vi har ventet lenge.


We founded a new blog for Japanese a-ha fans this March as a-ha reunited and are surprised to see more visitors than we expected (300-900/day) and people coming to our blog with search words like “a-ha new album Japanese release” or “a-ha Japan tour” – yes, JAPANESE FANS WANT A-HA TO COME BACK TO JAPAN!
We never forget their Foot of The Mountain tour was only one night show in Tokyo (many fans outside Tokyo area came for the show of non-weekend).
We never forget their Ending on A High Notes tour was an appearance of SummerSonic festival, only 1 hour/day show (I know many fans gave up to go as the festival is one of the most popular one – expensive and crowded during mid-summer).
I never forget that I joined the last show at Oslo Spektrum with 50 or more Japanese fans there (I hope that the travelling from Japan to Norway is so expensive) and many Japanese fans cried over them from far east.
Majority of a-ha fans are now about middle of 40s and they can have their own time/money for domestic shows at least (not like 2000). I know now the numbers of male fans are also growing in this country too.
Now is the time to show how a-ha is a great band in the history to Japanese music lovers. I know that a-ha knows how Japanese audience are serious about their music. Please consider about Japan tour.







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