Nuclear weapons incapacity signing campaign led by the Japan-US alliance 日米同盟主導核兵器無能力化署名運動

Nuclear weapons incapacity signing campaign led by the Japan-US alliance 日米同盟主導核兵器無能力化署名運動

166 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 200 人に到達します!
President of the United States, Mayor of Hiroshima アメリカ大統領・広島市長


署名の発信者 森川 光男

This project is the first project of humankind to originate from Hiroshima, which was the victim of nuclear weapons.
Time has passed since the use of nuclear weapons on the human body, and the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons has permeated non-nuclear-weapon states, with 50 signatories, but no one has signed and agreed with nuclear-weapon states. The same is true for Japan, which is protected by a nuclear umbrella.

In recent years, the military power balance of the world has changed drastically, and sadly, the world situation where World War III may break out is a crisis of humankind that leads to a nuclear war.

World peace is not protected by the United Nations or each country!
The consciousness of humanity as a whole is protected by the rise of consciousness to protect peace.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the victims of nuclear weapons, have continued to appeal for the abolition of nuclear weapons, but the reality is that the number of countries possessing nuclear weapons is increasing, not to mention the abolition of nuclear weapons.

It is important not to ask for an apology for how miserable it is to use such indiscriminate weapons, but also to reflect on the responsibility of the United States, a country that uses nuclear weapons, and create the future of humankind. think.

Many Americans do not know that American soldiers who were POWs of the Japanese army in Hiroshima at that time were victims of nuclear weapons.

We offer a memorial service for the soldiers, condolences to all the victims, and a movement to pray for the abolition of nuclear weapons, including the incapacity.

In the last war, both sides suffered many casualties,
In memory of each other's victims, Japan and the United States will lead the world's defense technology as true allies and contribute to world peace.

The memorial to the American soldiers who were victims of the atomic bomb was first placed at the Arlington National Cemetery in the United States.
If you agree with the construction in Hiroshima Peace Park later, please sign and cooperate with
At the same time, I would appreciate it if you could join the community of his SNS / Peacenote that creates world peace.

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核兵器が人体に使用されてから時は流れ、核兵器拡散禁止条約は非核保有国には浸透し、その署名国は 50カ国に達しましたが、核兵器保有国に署名賛同する国は存在しません。それは核の傘に守られている日本も同様です。







また同時に世界平和を創造する SNS・Peacenote のコミュニティへ参加頂ければ幸いです。

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166 人が賛同しました。もう少しで 200 人に到達します!