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to support "pet friendly evacuation shelters"

This petition seeks a plan to establish pet friendly evacuation shelters where pet owners are allowed to evacuate safely with animals during an emergency.

I've seen that there are a lot of evacuation
shelters where families are not allowed in with their pets in Miyagi and Fukushima prefecture.
They had no choice but to leave their pets behind.

The same thing happened in Kumamoto.

We have to learn from the disaster.

We provided our hospital for families with pets as a pet friendly evacuation shelter.
Pets should never be separated from their owners under any circumstance.
We convince that having pets nearby serve as a source of comfort to the owners.
They are a family.
They help each other.
Their deep relationship was proved by the disaster.

To realize the establishment of pet friendly evacuation shelters, it is important to think about the need of separation between families with pets and without pets, and health and safety regulations.

It's time for us to change the concept of pets from
"Pet is a member of our family" to
"Pet is a member of your society"

We need to support animals during an emergency.

This petition seeks a plan of setting up pet friendly evacuation shelters where pet owners are allowed to evacuate safely with their pets during an emergency.

We submit this petition to the Diet.


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