Relink the existing canals in Klongsan to make Bangkok a flood-proof city.

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Bangkok is a city that has reportedly been facing flooding issues over the past decades. Being located on a Chao Phraya River Delta, the city lies on a flat plane with an elevation of only 1.5 m above sea level. The problem of rising sea level becomes an inevitable threat Bangkok will need to deal with. Moreover, the uncontrolled urban growth is rapidly increasing impermeable surfaces in the city, while also continuously removing vegetation in order to allow the expansion. The suburb districts that were formerly cited as a place to hold water are now taken over by housing, leaving the city needing to rely heavily on its flood barriers and drainage system through constructed canals.

Klongsan is one of Bangkok's historic districts located right on the west bank of Chao Phraya River. The site formerly functioned as orchards and consisted of numerous canal networks branching out from the main river Chao Phraya, which were mainly used for transportation and delivery. However, over 50 of the original canals have disappeared due to the less need of water mobility, which are replaced by new roads. This shows that Bangkok has ignored the potential of its old canal networks and, therefore, we aim to reconnect some of the old canal traces in this project and optimize the water storage capacity of the existing networks rather than building new ones.

We propose new canal networks that will be restored and run along the main roads. According to the physical condition of Klongsan district, we have limitations that not all the old canal networks can be completely restored due to new developments that took place, therefore we redirect the old traces in accordance with the current transportation infrastructure and increase absorbing surfaces with the following solutions:

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