Justice for The Queen

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I have a voter card, Aadhar card, I vote. I reside in West Bengal. But I don't have any right as a citizen of this state because I am a transperson. This state thinks of a transperson as a dog or goat. That's why when a doctor does a wrong surgery, and I submit a written application complaining for the same, the government delays and ignores my complaint for 3 and a half years. I don't think they will take action ever. I hate Ananda bazaar Patrika. A journalist has caused me a lot of pain and loss regarding this issue. Now even a moment is hard for me to live. Where our mouth is as important as our body, just imagine I have mailed this to the prime minister atleast 5 times but there was no response and will never be. I won't commit suicide, but it's true my back is pushed against the wall. Want the doctor to be punished. Want an investigation on his credentials. Want damage repair. Whoever hates Rani would ignore this post, but, whoever loves me, can you suggest what can I do now? Name of doctor: Srijan Mukherjee, Rajdanga, Nobopolli.